Needless delays

Our local traffic has become severely congested for reasons that could be avoided.

Many of us see that several construction projects have been launched simultaneously and have impeded traffic flows.

In addition we are seeing examples of traffic lanes on significant arteries being blocked off with absolutely no construction activity occurring.

How long will this go on without someone, somewhere stepping in and managing the situation to our benefit?

We deserve better


13 Responses to Needless delays

  1. Judy Maddox says:

    They are putting bus routes all over town to force ridership

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  2. Reality Checker says:

    Buckle up because it’s about to get worse on the west side, especially when more I-10 traffic is redirected onto Mesa due to the Go-10 project. A new traffic light has been installed on Mesa in front of the new shopping center being built right across from Coronado High School where Whole Foods is opening. There is also going to be a lot of other stuff in that center. When that new stop light is activated you will have three stop lights spanning less than a quarter of a mile on Mesa right at one of the busiest intersections on the west side. Add the light at Alto Mesa and you will have four lights within a half mile. This is going to cause major congestion on both Mesa and Resler and if Resler gets backed up, the traffic could backed up to I-10. Also, a lot of people currently use Pitt to bypass the Mesa/Resler intersection, which actually helps to relieve congestion at Mesa/Resler. They’ll no longer be able to do that because Pitt will be loaded up. It will also be interesting to see if they try to add yet another stop light where Resler and Pitt intersect.


    • JerryK says:

      Then, add the 22-story megalith at Mesa and Shadow Mountain 🙂


      • Reality Checker says:

        I can’t wait to get my luxury high-rise apartment next to the Burlington Coat Factory outlet store and the discount shoe store. I will be able walk to Peter Piper Pizza, Burger King. Carl’s Jr and McDonalds and shop across the street at Goodwill and Big 8. Luxury living at its finest.


        • Jerry K says:

          Yes, could use a K-Mart, too.


          • Reality Checker says:

            Maybe I will be able to catch the bus to the K-mart down on Sunland. The city will gladly build a luxurious bus stop right by the tower and have taxpayers foot the bill if the developer asks.


  3. Deputy Dawg says:

    I am not so much concerned about the delays (Yes they are irritating) but more of the lack of communication about WHY these projects are happening. In order to understand them, you have to either have been watching the news on the exact day they announced the project, or visit the TxDOT website and try to search for the project. )For instance, you have to KNOW that the I10 project is called GoI10 or something like that in order to find it , or know it’s official name or names.) Either way, it is difficult to find.

    The city would do well to post a list of all large scale traffic projects, the completion dates and the expected delays on their website. There is no single clearing house of projects that I am aware of. TxDot has theirs, City has theirs, county has theirs, and so on.

    “Progress” is not a good explanation. Why , for instance, does North Desert have to be closed for more than a year to pave a stretch of road that is about 2 miles long?

    We deserve better communication.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, I was looking at stretch of retail property near Mesa and Resler that also seems to be undergoing demolition and rebuild into something much larger. The “why” bothers me as well. With the peso devaluation Mexican shopping is dropping and there is no dynamic that will change that. Brick and mortar stores are losing sales to Internet shopping. There is really no change in EP’s economic situation. We are boosting employment with construction jobs generated by the public sector and since maquilas are doing well with the peso devaluation, management living here and paid in dollars will do well, but there is no huge change that would say the income levels here are changing fundamentally enough to keep retail additions in business. The dots don’t connect unless some insider deal we don’t know about is going to happen. Why is Mesa suddenly the place to build?


  4. maxhiggs says:

    Sorry Brutus, but this problem cannot be addressed until we have resolved which restroom people can use. Perhaps in three years.


  5. Y Que! says:

    It would be interesting to find out how many automobile accidents have occurred around these construction zones and what the human casualty rates are.


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