Still paying

Do you remember that ball park that we won’t have to pay for?

This slide is part of the April 11, 2016 presentation made to the Downtown Development Corporation (city council in sheep’s clothing):


Its only $782 thousand or $484 thousand or whatever it really turns out to be.

The numbers don’t include our other costs like public safety and the fact that we pay half of the water bill at for the ball park.  Nor are the costs of moving city hall even considered.

Does it bother you that our former city chief financial officer is now on the board of our county hospital or that our former city manager is in charge of the organization that helps our unemployed?

We deserve better




8 Responses to Still paying

  1. James W. Peterson says:

    ……or does it bother you that one of Joyce Wilson’s assistant city managers who got a job in Florida is still receiving a homestead exemption for her El Paso property . Oh, that’s right wilson has a gig at the central appraisal district too.


    • Anglocentric says:

      That’s interesting. We had a house in Austin and got transferred to Florida. A month after we filed for homestead exemption we got a letter from Travis county telling us that since we had filed for homestead exemption in Florida they were removing the exemption on our Austin property. If the employee hasn’t bought a new home yet, that could be the reason, but it does make me wonder if our CAD is watching things like this as closely as Travis County does.


  2. ManintheMoon says:

    James W. Peterson good points but remember corruption is a good thing for some in El Paso.
    Oh Brutus if you studied the El Paso workforce budget then you would see that under Wilson for 2016 they were unable to spend the money they received in 2015 to get people employed in EL Paso and far west Texas. No one seems to be able to explain with our needs to get people jobs and training in our area how this money wasn’t spend. Pretty much if you look at their books all they do the most is get people same day care. Also what really sucks is they have killed summer youth job programs.
    Yep Ole Wilson is doing a bang up job getting people employed and trained in our area.Also just look at what the cost is to run the work force operations when they are really do not do much more than get people day care. Any one see a disconnect here between cost and outcomes?


    • Sad El Pasoan says:

      Stephanie Townsend Allala confronted Wilson and Mountain Star publicly on several occasions regarding the ballpark. She was basically on her own and she ended up paying over $40,000 of her own money in legal fees for trying to protect taxpayers. Unfortunately, El Paso Times and KVIA-7 praised Wilson and the rest of her benevolent friends for their financial wisdom. Trisha from 93.5 FM hurt many people in El Paso by contradicting Stephanie’s arguments. Therefore, the media also shares part of the blame.


  3. JerryK says:

    It is puzzling that no one running for city office has made an issue of this. I mean, a simple platform stand would be to keep the bonds HOT, i.e., no stadium subsidy. If that results in a partial default on the bonds, so be it. The investors took a risk, too.


    • Anglocentric says:

      The one-sided agreement with Mountain Star doesn’t allow for getting rid of the subsidy. If EP defaults on the current bond when the balloon payment (that they can’t pay when it is due), it will impact their bond rating and spike interest rates on all the other bonds they have. But the biggest reason you don’t have a renegade candidate is because the money in town is spending so much on their bought and paid for candidates that folks with common sense can’t run and win. You get fringe candidates that run with no money spent as a protest, but what successful person wants to spend a ton of money to win a position that pays so little? Retirees used to be able to run, but now they would gut savings too much. And if you are honest and ethical, there is zero payback for taking the position. So we get folks with questionable ethics who make money in their side businesses by getting along with the powers that be. Romero’s biggest problem was he was an “old style” ethically challenged politician–just doing small favors for friends. Shapleigh’s progressives think much bigger than that.


  4. John Castaneda says:

    You can show these sheep proof of everything, yet they are still willing to be sheep to this coward of a mayor and his clown show at shitty council. El Pasoans are set in there minds to be lead to the slaughter house and get screwed over by Joyce Wilso and Tommy Gonzales and the rest of the fools running the city. My home of record is El Paso, but i haven’t formally live in El Paso for several years, but it’s a damn shame that my city has been handed off to people like Wilson and Niland, Gonzalez, Acosta and Lesser, they take and take and give nothing back, and don’t say “look at all the improvement of the highways, that folks is the state, San Jacinto cost you taxpayers 6 times more than originally planned, and that piece of crap ballpark, well Brutus just showed you again, the ugly truth. Go ahead and ” get your grrrrr on”……..oh wait sheep do t grrrrr, that’s the wolves.


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