Rookie error?

It should concern us that our newest city representative failed to object to the introduction of an amendment to our outdoor lighting code.

Mr. Tolbert publishes, a worthwhile environmental blog.  In the past he has written in favor of supporting the so called “dark skies” initiative.

Yet in his very first meeting it appears as though he allowed a proposed change to our outdoor lighting code that would exempt the city from its requirements.

Watching the video, the first reading of the proposed ordinance change was passed unanimously and without comment.

What happened here?

Let’s hope that he just wasn’t up to speed yet and that he has not been compromised already.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Rookie error?

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Hi I publish El Paso Naturally and I am on City Council. Hmm, I never had advertising on my blog. Would you like to be a sponsor Mr Clear Channel Communication? Why of course I will support your ammendment to the city ordinance. What, you said you would sponsor my blog and I didnt even need to put any advertising up? Why, how nice of you.

    Nothing to see here Brutus, move along.


  2. Disappointed in Disctrict 2 says:

    Tolbert is in way over his head. He is taking direction from Ordaz.


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