Who to believe

We unfortunately have a situation down at city hall where our city manager can fire contracted senior staff and pay them hush money to silence them.

There is no appeal.  In many cases this means that the senior staff member will go along with anything that our city manager wants to tell city council and the public.

This was not the case with our deputy city manager who got fired for telling the truth to city council.  She courageously told the truth and was immediately fired.  They then kept her quiet with hush money.

Where that puts us is that it is hard to believe anything that these people say.  Their statements of fact may in fact be lies that the city manager wants to put forward.

I’m not saying that our current city manager has done this.

We do know that our former city manager did when she fired a deputy for telling the truth.

It seems that we have a system where our city manager can have subordinates make presentations to city council that are not true.  How can we believe anything that they say?

Shouldn’t there be some kind of an appeal process so that our senior executives can tell us the truth without fear of retaliation?

We deserve better


One Response to Who to believe

  1. Jerry K says:

    We don’t need a CM. We need a strong mayor whose lies everyone can belive 🙂


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