Another board failure

The April 12, 2016 meeting of our county hospital’s board is another example of a board rubber stamping what their administrator wants.

The county hospital administrator wanted to hire an advanced gastroenterologist for $571,210 a year plus incentives.

The head of our local medical school was there and remarked that it would have been nice if there had been discussions since the medical school can and does provide physicians to work at the county hospital.

The underlying frictions were in regard to the competition that the county hospital was introducing and the salary, which on its face looks high.

Our county hospital administrator said that the hospital needs this new doctor as well as two more in that specialty and that his hospital would fund those two other positions if the medical school wanted to bring forward candidates.

The head of the medical school asked if the compensation would be the same for the two new doctors.  The answer was no according to our hospital administrator.  They medical school doctors would be paid less.

The board asked a few questions.  I found this graphic within about two minutes of starting a search:


The doctors in question would be working as employees.

Maybe the high salary is deserved.  The medical school head left us with the impression that it was above competitive levels, however.

Once again one of our local boards bowed down to their employees.

At the vary least the issue should have been postponed while the two sides talked.

We deserve better




5 Responses to Another board failure

  1. Reality Checker says:

    And doctors continue to cry in their champagne about how tough their lives and how hard it is to make a buck.


  2. Haiduc says:

    Have you ever tried to get an appointment at Texas Tech??? Big difference with Inpatient care and outpatient services


  3. Anonymous says:

    It is interesting given that many physicians are leaving private practice because they can’t make money under ACA. I would think it is a employer’s market right now. Wonder what level of search was done? And is this the same hospital administrator whose contract is not being renewed? Should he be making these hiring decisions unilaterally, especially when it appears he isn’t consulting with the medical school which was supposed to help offset staff costs? More importantly, will this hire start salary inflation in other positions at the county hospital?


  4. And, on top of that, he undoubtedly will still bill individual patients for his services, huh? El Paso certainly does have a problem with recruiting medical specialists in too many areas, but I suspect money is only part of the problem.


  5. Tim says:

    Does the remainder of the chart you show go onto show net income? mal practice insurance cost, sraff costs etc could make a diffeeencs


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