Let’s make a deal

I spoke with someone the other day who related an experience he had with the city trying to get permits to build a new building.

In short he expected to get final permits in December of 2015 according to his team (architect, builder, engineers).  He finally got the permits this May.

When he went to get the permits down at the city he was told that the fee would be a number that he considered to be outrageous.

He argued his points and ultimately the city settled for a permit fee that was one third of what they had demanded originally.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Let’s make a deal

  1. Jerry K says:

    There’s always your water bill to tack on an extra Niland kicker.


  2. ManintheMoon says:

    Here is why the city has to shake down every one in El Paso whether it’s fees, permits to taxes is because they have bankrupt the city. It real simple to see. Take the City’s total obligation of debt and divide that by what the city brings into it’s coffers yearly. Brutus what do you see? Could a business survive very long with this income to debt in the real world?
    This is scam that is being played on the people of El Paso and with the help of, let call it creative account and slight of hand, has set El Paso on the spiral of economic death that we have seen destroy city after city across America. And worse the members of the CC have zero problem adding to this debt.
    So for those who say we are wrong show us how you get out of the spiral of death of income to debt that the city has it’s self in now without major cuts in services or a major, almost draconian, tax increase.
    The way we see it either way you go it ends up under cutting the tax base in the longer picture than you are in even bigger trouble. High taxes drive away business and tax payers,reduced service ends up making El Paso look like it is in a third world country which drives away business and tax payers moving on to better places. In fact are we not seeing the start of this effect, in the last couple of years now, with business leaving and people who are tax payers moving out of El Paso.


    • Reality Checker says:

      Yep. You’re witnessing the creation of the next Detroit. There are numerous similarities except that Detroit had more going for it prior to its own death spiral. If you don’t buy the Detroit comparison, take Stockton, California, which filed for bankruptcy which came unraveled after it became delusional during its own real estate boom and piled on debt to build a minor league ballpark. You won’t see the local newspapers reporting the truth about current trends in El Paso real estate.


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