An indictment is like flypaper

The screws are turning.

Two school administrators who were recently indicted have pled guilty.

Please take note that they did not plead guilty to what was charged in the indictment.  Instead they have evidently plead to  an information.

It would appear that some of the charges in the indictment might have been over-reaching or not true.  What is true is that a different set of charges had to be formulated before the two were willing to give up.  Thus the information.

Once again we don’t know what these people did or did not do.

What we do know is that when the weight of our feral government lands on someone’s head in the form of a criminal indictment the target faces unbelievable financial and life hurdles.

Don’t be surprised if the plea agreements specify that the punishments will depend upon what these two say at the trial of the remaining three.

We deserve better


3 Responses to An indictment is like flypaper

  1. Y Que! says:

    These 2 ladies are not part of the 5 recently indicted. So no, the 5 are still in the process of being prosecuted, not 3.


  2. abandon hope says:

    Well said. The message is “don’t mess with the U.S. Department of Education.” Sounds like the DoED wants to be the new IRS in terms of fostering fear. El Paso ISD administrators are examples paraded in front of media cameras by the the feral government. Betcha there are lots of public school administrators across the county who are now very worried that they will be investigated over questionable testing practices.

    And you’re right, once people are being prosecuted they will turn on others and make plea bargains. People lives, families and savings will be destroyed. For what? So the DoED can be the bully or tyrant. There are surely better ways for the DoED to make its point.

    Some people will say the real victims are the students who are hurt by administrators trying to make their schools look good. The truth is that children are hurt by an educational system that is broken, and throwing money at it doesn’t help. Anyone who really wants to be an educator these days should look at institutions that take no federal money.

    Speaking of money, I wonder how much the FBI spent on their 5-year “investigation.”


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