Red handed

Well it seems that someone at the city does know right from wrong.

In City staff lies to city council again we pointed out that the city had improperly (probably illegally but we are not the jury) extended a contract for ambulance billing.

Then in The collective we we pointed out that one of our participants had sent notification of the post to our city purchasing director and to our city attorney asking for their response.

Recapping, city council passed a resolution authorizing the city manager to sign an amendment to a contract extending it past June 15, 2016 while the city was to get their act together and finish evaluating a bid.

Council was told that they were exercising an option.  There were no options left in the existing contract.

From what we could see that would have been a violation of state law.  The punishment for the violation could have involved removal from office for the people telling the lie.


Now the June 14, 2016 city council agenda includes an item that would award a contract to one of the bidders.

By awarding the contract one day before the original contract expired the city is following the law and will not need to  use the extension that we wrote about in City staff lies to city council again.

Evidently people at the city read this blog.  They have, however, not had the courtesy to respond to our participant’s inquiry.  A simple thank you would be in order.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Red handed

  1. Reality Checker says:

    So you helped them adjust their scheme in a way that keeps them out of jail. Yes, thanks would have been in order.


  2. Juana says:

    Too bad the local politicians don’t read this also. They still think they walk on water.


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