Lecturing her bosses

Holy mackerel!

Our city council is planning to hold a special meeting Monday, July 11, 2016.

There is one item on the agenda:

Presentation by the City Attorney on the Council/Manager form of government.

The item as listed on the agenda was placed there by our city attorney.  Of course there is no backup material.  Rules are evidently not applicable to her.

She is the city parliamentarian but allows council to violate rules regularly.

Let’s be sure to watch and see how she colors her presentation to accommodate her agenda.

We deserve better


12 Responses to Lecturing her bosses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe she should lecture them on doing their jobs instead of being politically correct and overly liberal in regard to some of their comments in regard to Chief Allen’s comments on BLM. I support him and agree with his comments. Beto, Veronica and gang need to open their eyes and see things as they are not as the politically correct world they are trying to create. I will NOT vote for either of you again!


    • Give Me A Break says:

      If the protests and rhetoric of Black Lives Matter qualifies them to be classified as a terrorist group, we also need to also classify some of the conservative talk radio and TV wing nuts (and their counterparts on MSNBC for that matter) as terrorists. They’re working day in and day out to stir up hatred and divisiveness and serve no real purpose other than to agitate people. Even worse, they are stirring people up and preying on their anger just to make money.

      It’s ironic that Allen, who lives and works in El Paso, which has a relatively small Black popularion, chose to weigh in and classify BLM as a terrorist group, while the Dallas police chief, who is living through this, has not critcized BLM. Just the opposite; the Dallas chief has actually spent time with group building a relationship with them and accomodating their right to protest.

      Allen is welcome to his opinion, but it’s an opinion that is not based on personal experience with BLM, so why he took an extreme, inflammatory position is hard to understand.


      • Helen Marshall says:

        If you read anything about his history (disciplined for dishonesty and for violent retribution against a bunch of teenagers, among other things) you won’t wonder. What IS hard to understand is why he was made chief.


      • Give Me A Break says:

        I believe Allen’s exact description of BLM was “a radical hate group” as opposed to terrorists, which some people have labeled them. But my original point stands. If BLM qualifies as a radical hate group, then so do the audiences of Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh and so do all the groups of people who gathered in South Carolina and other places to protest the removal of Confederate flags.


  2. U says:

    One would think that by now the City would understand this. After all we voted for this back when Joe Wardy was Mayor.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Apparently the City Attorneys are not real “Lawyers” in El Taxo, just ones who barely passed the multiple-choice Law School quizzes. El Taxo is just not all that big, “Metro” to need a City Manager and a Mayor. Before John Cook came along, the MAYORS did, could handle the bizness of the city. For some reason now they can’t, so we have to pay a City Manager several hundred thousand $$$ to run the city the way that Silly Council wants him to do it and a Mayor’s “job” to just hang around. Then of course the Silly Council is making “decisions” for somebody, anybody other than the taxpayers. Same for the Police, Sheriff . All El Paso needs is COMBINED “Metro Department”, like Las Vegas. SAVING the taxpayers MILLIONS$$$. Heaven forbid that happens. El Taxo is just NOT as busy as Las Vegas, regardless of what the Democrat politicos want to think.


  4. chico says:

    Surprised that the County Judge hasn’t held a press conference on the topic. She seems to think it’s her job to direct the mayor and council.


  5. Reality Checker says:

    The city attorney like many others picks and chooses which rules to enforce. If you recall, when it was her turn to be on the hot seat, she was quick to tell council that any issues they had with her performance was a personnel matter which ruled out any public discussion.


  6. I’d personally like to see some recommendations for a return to a strong Mayor form of government, but we’d need a real Mayor for that to happen, wouldn’t we?


    • Jerry K says:

      We need a mayor whose lies we can all agree on.


    • Sad El Pasoan says:

      Agree 100%


    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly. WE could jack up the Mayor’s salary to $75-80,000 per year. Cut all the fat of a City Manager, salaries for all the Assistants, to the Assistant and SAVE the TAXPAYERS some MONEY. And of course all the City Council people have their own agendas, which are not usually of benefit to taxpayers. Not sure why we have an UNELECTED Lawyer giving advice, deciding anything for US.


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