One more time?

We are supposed to be getting a new county hospital administrator any day now.

Item 19 on the June 14, 2016 board agenda read:

 Discuss and take appropriate action regarding the 2016 Performance  and Objectives of Mr. James N. Valenti, President and Chief  Executive officer of the EI Paso county Hospital District pursuant to Texas Government Code $551.074.

The minutes have not been posted but the video just came out.

Incredibly when the agenda item was brought up for consideration in open session (after executive session) there was a motion and a second to approve an action.  The item passed unanimously.

There was absolutely no public discussion.  This is a clear violation of the Texas Open Meetings Act.  Now we will have to wait to read the minutes of the meeting.

Any predictions?

We deserve better


10 Responses to One more time?

  1. ManintheMoon says:

    Brutus fill a complaint with the county attorney’s office over violation of the Texas Open meeting act. Their job to see that all comply with these laws on the civil side. Simply show the violation and the law where it was violated. Real easy! Also believe you could bring an ethics complaint at the county Ethics commission.


  2. mamboman3 says:

    I don’t see what the violation was just because there was no discussion, but what exactly was the “action” that was approved? Wasn’t it mentioned during the motion? Seems they were approving something that was discussed in Executive but if it was an open meeting, didn’t any of the public notice was the action being approved was? My guess is that Jim got an extension on his term for some reason.


  3. Disgusted says:

    This whole process has been another sham. Last year, while trying to resolve the Children’s Hospital mess that Valenti created, UMC issued a carefully worded statement saying that Valenti would “not seek” an extension to his contract. They did not say that he would leave at the end of his contract nor did they say that they would not offer him an extension. They’re continuing to give him money and he is taking it. They want to keep him around as long as possible to maintain the club.


  4. Chico says:

    Thank you for watching this stuff, Brutus.


  5. Chico says:

    One would think that a local news agency would be watching this as well.


  6. Judy Maddox says:

    Valentine’s staying and getting a raise

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    • Brutus says:

      After the vote to approve “who knows what action” the board chair took time to recognize that the current meeting was probably the last one that our hospital administrator would attend, implying that we will have a new administrator appointed at the next meeting.



  7. Anonymous says:

    How is this any “closed meeting” at all, ordered by any of these minions? Valenti is a PUBLIC OFFICIAL, paid by the taxpayers of El Taxo. UMC is no different than the inherent corruption at EPISD, the EPISD School Board. And yet none of the “Local Authorities” can find, see, investigate, prosecute ANY public corruption cases, why is that?. Quarter of a MILLION$$$$ for Christmas LIGHTS and yet they can,t’ afford, pay for police or vehicles. It’s always the FEDS. Nobody else in El Paso see’s nuthin, hears nuthin, knows nuthin. Why is that?


    • Sad El Pasoan says:

      They need to get our streets fixed before they spend that kind of money on Christmas lights. I am wondering if all the money generated by the potholes on the streets is generating more business for local dealerships? Just do the math, 3 cars a day times $3,000 times 365 days = $3,240,000 without including auto accidents. No wonder Mr. Lesser is not doing anything to fix our streets!


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