Let’s talk about the EPISD bonds

As we know, the EPISD is making plans to have a bond authorization election in November of 2016.

We received copies of presentations made to the district’s facilities advisory committee in the past few weeks from an anonymous source.

The presentations give us an opportunity to review what they are considering and what they have been told, so get ready to read a lot about the issues in coming days on this blog.  The posts will be considered to be negative by some and positive by others.

Please let me start by saying once again that I think EPISD needs some bond money and that I think that the current board and their new president are doing a much better job than their predecessors.

We differ on the what, how much, when and why of what they are talking about.

Hopefully we can use this blog to generate honest, impersonal discussion about the topic before final decisions are made by the committee.

Stay tuned

We deserve better


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