EPISD bond issue–valueless property

As A DOSE OF REALITY pointed out the other day the district is not asking its facilities advisory committee to consider the cost of closing schools.

The EPISD school board has not made final decisions but it is considering asking the voters for a $500-700 million bond program that among other things would allow them to consolidate schools that they feel don’t have enough students.

Thirteen elementary schools are being considered for closure.

Those thirteen properties have value.  The presentations that have been given to their facilities advisory committee do not address what the district will do with the closed schools.  Mothballing the schools will cost money.  No mention is made of mothballing.  Tearing down the schools will cost money.  No mention is made of demolition costs.

They could sell the schools to developers.  They could sell the schools to charter schools.  They could place central office functions in some of the facilities.  Many possibilities exist.

Those properties are worth money.  No mention is made in the district’s plans of using the proceeds of the sale of the closed schools to lower the bond.

Evidently that’s extra money that they don’t want us to think about.

We deserve better


15 Responses to EPISD bond issue–valueless property

  1. EP Anonymous says:

    Someone should also look at the school board president’s ties to developers and significant movers and shakers that control/fund virtually all of local government politicians and many at the state level. Start with her campaign donor list then ask about family ties. Nothing wrong with that, except when it comes to the district agenda with potential disposal of these abandoned properties, construction contracts for new faculties or rehab/improvements and yes, the stealth hiring of the former city CFO/School board managed and her prior record. (And of course, the hiring of an attorney that did not meet the qualifications to be a superintendent in the state of Texas at the time and after some years, now has the credentials, and practically zero experience in the education field). How, why did they end up in these roles? What’s the ultimate agenda? The education of El Paso’s children (unless it’s tied to RE deals)?Important to say it’s all legal, But is it ethical or transparent? Does it pass the smell test? Do you trust these people? These are the questions we must ask before we hand yet another vast government bureaucracy yet another chunk of our ever shrinking paycheck.


    • EP Anonymous says:

      And if you really want to follow the money and tie it to a potential agenda look at all the board members ties to CREED, the education “reformers” and their most significant political donors’ ties to charter school corporations.


  2. […] we have to agree with Brutus, nowhere have they stated what they are going to do with the buildings that are closed.  Will the […]


  3. Judy Maddox says:

    Notice the list of schools in the El Paso Times not complete is it? As I said the answer to the bond is no unless in a designated trust for each issue. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Buildings do not educate children TEACHERS and parents do. The largest employer in El Paso,TX (Ft Bliss is not ELP) Is EPISD so for a district or teacher to say parents don’t care they are talking about themselves. When a parent has their taxes go up this hurts a families income in a home hurting a child, when a child has to get up an hour earlier to catch a school bus and arrive home an hour later the child is tired and cannot focus.If a child gets sick how does the child get home in low income areas where mom or dad both work and grandmother is care giver without a car get to that child? Do not tell me for the good of the children we need this bond.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly, Judy. The Bond vote, any Bond vote answer is NO. They will say anything. Thought I was standing out here alone. Thank you.


  4. ManintheMoon says:

    You said it they do not want any one making the tax payers to think about it. Yep you guys are going to get another Ford Fiesta at the cost of a Lamborghini. Sadly most of El Paso, in this school district, will not show up to vote no on it or can they be bothered. So in the long view whose fault will it really be if such non-sense passes?


  5. Fed Up says:

    Speaking of losing value, University Medical Center just used $4 million of your money to purchase a building for one of its entities. I believe that makes the building exempt from property taxes, which means a loss of tax revenue for taxpayers on top of having to pay out $4 mil for the purchase.

    UMC has not made any financial statements public in quite some time, but they are spending money like crazy. Oh, and they just had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to settle a lawsuit for violating a patient’s rights.


    • Anonymous says:

      A TAXPAYER funded, endless money pit and NO accountability from any of the people at UMC. SECRET meetings, SECRET spending, SECRET bonuses, SECRET salaries. This place and all the MULTI-MILLION$$$$ salaries, bonuses there are an albatross around the necks of El Paso taxpayers. It should be put up for sale and sold to the highest bidder, PRIVATE business. Get UMC and the over-paid administrators, bench warmers off the backs of taxpayers.


    • Anonymous says:

      Off-topic and incorrect. The insurance company is part of the hospital district with separate funding and reserves. UMC did not purchase the building.


  6. Anonymous says:

    With all the arrests, indictments, sentences to prison within EPISD, it’s just unbelievable that the voters, TAXPAYERS, home owners of El Paso County would ever vote for $600-700 MILLION$$$, or will they decide needs to be a BILLION$$$ . THEY will take from US as much as THEY can get. MORE, MORE, MORE . “It’s for the children”. No it’s for stuffing pockets, “friends and family” contracts at EPISD, and whatever THEY want. Corruption has been inherent at EPISD and the School Board. THEY ignored it all.


  7. Jerry K says:

    Of course EPISD will sell the abandoned properties to developers. Why do you suppose that Carmen A-C was appointed to the finance job?


  8. Chas Thomas says:

    You have raised some excellent questions in this blog as well as the one from the other day when you listed the 13 schools that have been recommended for closing. More buses, drivers, fuel, the cost of mothballing or demolition or the money to be made from the sale to charter schools. We should demand that the EPISD reveal ALL financial information concerning these proposals.


  9. chico says:

    Half baked plans = half baked results. Brutus, you are correct. This bond plan is half baked, because the Cabrera wants the greater likelihood of a “yes” vote in a Presidential election.



    Here is the El Paso Times article in which Supt. Cabrera indicates he has apparently already been in talks with IDEA Charter Schools to ‘share resources and revenue (!?!):



  11. A DOSE OF REALITY says:

    Here is an article about the IDEA Charter School Corporation that is currently romancing El Paso into a very bad school closing/lease deal and the failure this same arrangement caused in Austin ISD. Check for secret deals and cross reference an organization named Educate Texas with all this. And, dear Brutus, you are correct: We do deserve better.



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