Sun Metro agendas

What’s going on over at Sun Metro?


Looking at the agendas available on their web site on Tuesday, August 3, 2016, this is what appeared:


The most recent agenda they provide access to is for the March 8, 2016 meeting.

Subsequent meeting agendas used to be available but they have disappeared/been removed.

More troubling is the fact that the latest set of minutes that are available on the web site are for November 10, 2015.

Is this deliberate or did someone do something and accidently remove the records?

We deserve better



2 Responses to Sun Metro agendas

  1. anonymous says:

    I’ve heard of coincidences, but I’ve never seen one.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sun Metro is one of the bigger waste of money in El Taxo. These buses must hold about 60-70 passengers? Up Northeast almost never see more than one-two people on the buses. Bus stops, one person gets off and then it’s empty. At night, nothing on the buses up here but lights. Apparently the only people that ride the buses up here are the maids from the Ports of Entry and then back again in the afternoon. Apparently Sun Metro hasn’t figured out the operating cost of running these million dollar buses with a couple passengers, running them with no passengers, but continue running the routes, wasting taxpayer money, “Just because”.


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