County commissioners pay raise

It seems that our county commissioners might be looking for a pay raise.

The Times published an article about a recent salary survey the other day.  The survey evidently indicated that our county judge and commissioners are significantly underpaid when compared to other Texas counties that have large populations.

Some of the commissioners are playing coy, saying that the survey results were a surprise but  that there should at least be a discussion about giving themselves a raise.

The survey was commissioned to study pay rates for all county employees.  Commissioners could have paid less money for the survey if they had ordered one that did not spend money on studying their salaries.

These people are elected officials.  They know what their salaries are before they run for office.  Now they might use their powers to give themselves a pay raise.

They might want to read the 27th amendment to our constitution.  It prohibits congress from giving themselves a pay raise.  They can raise the pay of representatives and senators but the raises cannot take effect until after their next election.

We deserve better


11 Responses to County commissioners pay raise

  1. Homeowner777 says:

    If they want Dallas and Houston wages. . . . then they should MOVE to Dallas or Houston.
    Compared to home prices and cost of living. . . . they MIGHT even be over paid as of now.


    • Dan Wever says:

      It is funny that the EPISD administrators got their salaries raised after looking at Houston, Dallas, and other higher paying districts. What was funny was they did not look at teachers the same way and the other employees also were kept low. Administrative salaries have increased much more than all other employees. 😦


  2. Anonymous says:

    It would be an interesting view of the same survey, to compare the average wages in each county to the Commissioner’s, or say the average County tax rates per $100 real estate valuation to the Commissioner’s pay.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    The average wage in El Paso is lower than elsewhere, so the wages of county officials should also be lower. If their salaries and any increases were indexed to the salaries and wage growth of their constituents, they might work harder to improve things for the people who pay their salaries.


  4. Chico says:

    Let’s see County Commissioners want a raise. City taxes set to rise 5.29%. EPISD pushing for 600 million dollar bond. El Paso Electric raises rates 9%. Anyone else?


  5. Juana says:

    I am so offended by those who vote themselves a pay raise! I cannot vote one in for myself but they can mandate that I pay for their pay raise. I have not had a pay raise in 10 years and I make less than those in Austin and Dallas in my profession. If I want that same salary, I can move and I suggest the same for the Judge and Commissioners.


  6. good governance oxymoron says:

    Escobar insisted we needed a county manager because they (Commissioners court members) only worked part time.

    She makes about 90K and the others over 60K plus they get full time benies.

    The only thing that they have proven is that higher salaries DO NOT get us better people to run for office


  7. good governance oxymoron says:

    There is not a single person on that county commissioners court that has the education, skills, or intelligence to earn the salary level that they were at much less the raise.

    And they ALL only work part-time and no for their constituents.

    What a bunch of self-serving crooks.

    The raises for commissioners will increase their salary from more than $62,000 to almost $90,000.

    For the county judge, the raise is from almost $90,000 to $102,000.

    Pay raises will also be given to other elected officials, like constables, the county attorney, district county clerks, and so on


  8. […] from $62,000 to $90,000 and the County Judge went from $90,000 to $102,000.  Looks like Brutus at elpasospeak was right when he said they commissioned a study in order to justify raising their […]


  9. Reality Checker says:

    Did everyone reading this get your 45% pay increase from your bosses? Are those of you who own businesses able to pay your employees and yourselves 45% more this year?


  10. One More Question says:

    Why was it necessary for the county judge and commissioners to pay a consulting firm to conduct a study when the Texas Association of Counties does one annually? Here is the 2014 study:

    Click to access SalarySurvey2014.pdf

    Could it be they spent our tax dollars to have someone manipulate the numbers to their satisfaction?


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