Racist or nationalistic?

Lou Holtz was recently fired from a future speaking engagement at a Cathedral high school fundraiser.

According to an article in the Times “He endorsed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump …”.

The Times wrote that he also said immigrants needed to assimilate better.

Evidently while speaking at a luncheon he said “I don’t want to speak your language, I don’t want to celebrate your holidays, I sure as hell don’t want to cheer for your soccer team”.

Many of us see those words as an expression of nationalism.

Evidently some Cathedral alumni considered Holtz’s remarks to be racist.  The Times wrote two editorials criticizing the comments.

Many of us would say the same thing about Turkey, Germany, France, or any other county for that matter.  Residents of those countries would probably say the same thing about the United States.

Why is it that anything that anyone says about some individual or group that is less than positive is now labelled racist?

We deserve better


13 Responses to Racist or nationalistic?

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    Racist or nationalistic? | elpasospeak


  2. Charles Hedges says:

    Why should anyone respect the views of the guntoting Texans. Until the US abandons concealed weapons, civilised humans will regard them as arrogant savbages.


  3. Natly says:

    There is no fool like an old fool, especially a mean old fool. Good riddance. The Times and Cathedral were right.


  4. Brown and proud says:

    Jerry K, you’re not politically incorrect or a nationalist. You’re a bigot. evidently you love to spend your retirement years spewing your bigotry.


    • Jerry K says:

      I respect the law and don’t care what color you are. So should you. Those who do not, don’t belong here.

      BTW, I do not support mass deportation but I do support the wall, since lawless Mexico will not stop exporting its poverty to us. It works in Israel and will work here.


  5. Y Que! says:

    Well, at least Lou Holtz’ speaking fee was nowhere near Hillary’s 250K minimum fee for a 15 minute blurb.


  6. Carl Spackler says:

    Unfortunately, free speech has become a free pass for bad behavior and for people to treat others without civility, respect, and decency. And yes, a lot of racism is being cloaked in nationalism, but not all nationalists are bigots.

    Holtz didn’t just crack a joke about holidays and soccer. He referred to immigration as an “invasion.” He was playing to his anti-immigration RNC audience. As part of that same red meat rant intended to amuse and entertain his Republican Convention luncheon audience, he also said: “A lot of people make a living by the way they vote. Forty-seven percent of people make a living by the way they vote. They can make a living by the way they vote, but they can’t make a life.” So he didn’t denigrate immigrants alone; he, like Romney, thinks 47% of Americans are deadbeats.

    Presumably the RNC or one of its convention sponsors also paid Holtz for that appearance. If so, he’s a paid bully, making a living partly by denigrating others less fortunate than he. Holtz could have learned a thing or two from my football coach, who worked extra hard to make sure that his players were respectful of others both on and off the field and did not use physical size, strength, status or popularity as an excuse to behave badly.

    Holtz has the right to say whatever he wants and Cathedral has the right to invite or un-invite whomever they want. One has to question Cathedral’s judgment for inviting him in the first place. Cathedral uninvited him, but the damage has already been done to the Cathedral image. It also put a damper on Saucedo’s mayoral bid. They shouldn’t work so hard to associate themselves with Notre Dame, which is also having a off-the-field problems with player arrests these days.

    My guess is that Cathedral or its donors also still had to pay Holtz his full fee or a cancellation fee. If Cathedral and its alums can afford to pay Holtz’s speaking fee, which is north of $40,000, they definitely don’t need my money.

    Ironically, Holtz’s personal vehicle has a bumper sticker that says: “Jesus loves you. Everybody else thinks you’re an asshole.” He should look in his rearview mirror.


  7. Anglocentric says:

    The message is not that immigrants are bad. The message is that illegal aliens are bad. So are folks legal or illegal that want to pick and choose what laws they obey. And, I agree with his sentiment that assimilation makes sense. Why leave a country and then expect the folks in your new country to adapt to you vs. the other way around? And, finally if Lou Holtz is such an established racist, why invite him in the first place?


  8. The Oracle says:

    Many of the Cathedral Alumni are Kern Place residents, Rim Road residents, etc. and have illegal gardeners, illegal maids, illegal workers, illegal handymen, (or used to have them) so, yeah, why would they want to listen to Lou Holtz ?
    (or anyone that would vote for Trump or those that respect the LAWS of the United States)


  9. Anonymous says:

    America – I served to protect it. I am tired of all of the politically correct BS that is why I will vote for Trump and agree with Lou Holtz


  10. Deputy Dawg says:

    I don’t think it is “any time.:” I think it is over a period of time. Lou Holtz endorsed Jesse Helms for president a long time ago, as an example, and Helms was almost as bad if not worse than Trump.

    Here is more about the evening he went off : http://reverbpress.com/sports/football-coach-bashes-immigrants-like-trump/

    One of the problems, I think, is that folks like Trump and Holtz and all the rest do nothing to present solutions to problems, they just point out their perceived problems which are dog whistles for the far right nut jobs to get all riled up about. Immigrants = Bad. Black kids with hoodies = Bad. People that don’t speak English = Bad and on and on.

    Does this hurt Holtz in any way? No, he is a rich man who will continue to make a lot of money talking at luncheons.


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