City council continues to avoid citizens

Most of our city administrators work a four day week.  City hall is closed on Fridays.

Monday is a holiday.

City council meets on Tuesday at 8 AM.

If you want to talk to a city representative or the mayor about an agenda item you are just out of luck.

The official reason for not working on Fridays was that the city hall building that they destroyed was expensive to run and they could save money by closing on Fridays.

Now city functions are spread among several buildings but they continue to close on Fridays.

We deserve better


13 Responses to City council continues to avoid citizens

  1. That’s because they are CAREER politicians in El Taxo , the “Political Elite”. Most of them would not know what is to have, to have ever had a real JOB. They just move from one politician chair to another. City Council to School Board, to Mayor, to Commissioner and back and forth to the other. THEY are not accountable to US. THEY do whatever THEY want. THEY have no need to talk to US “Stupid, ignorant peons”. And when it’s time for THEM to keep that CAREER politician job, then and ONLY then do THEY feel it’s necessary to lower themselves to “talking” to US and getting the VOTES of the “stupid , ignorant peons”.


  2. Natly says:

    Over time the wealthy in this country have succeeded in getting the folks in the lower economic strata to turn on each other. Sure, this particular theme is government employees, but you can find others online that focus on labor unions, for example. Anyone who gets any benefits that you may not be receiving (but should), is subject to this misplaced outrage. Meanwhile the rich get filthy richer and do not pay their fair share of taxes. And the rest of the populace scrounge around for crumbs and attack anyone with a piece of bread. Being everyone down to your level – yeah, that’ll solve everything.


    • I Don't Think So says:

      You’re argument has merit on a macro level, but not when it comes to a discussion about government employees. I wouldn’t exactly call city executives “lower economic strata.” Government employees might be entitled to their benefits, but we’re entitled to our outrage when we’re the ones paying for those benefits.


    • Juana says:

      Natly, could not disagree with you more. Those complaining about municipal employees or elected officials are talking specifics, i.e. a 5 day work week. Do not try and turn this into a movement against each other or involve the unions. There is no “scrounging around for crumbs and attacking those with a piece of bread.” You must have just finished reading Ann Rand.


  3. abandon hope says:

    If you are opposed to the four-day work week, tell you representative and keep telling him/her. City employees DO NOT want to go back to a five-day work week, so it is an uphill battle. If enough people keep talking to reps, it will change back but it takes persistence. When election time comes, ask everyone running where they stand on this and hold them to their promise is they say they will change it back to 5-day.


    • Disgusted says:

      If city employees don’t want to work a 5-day week, replace them. The inmates are running the asylum and management is crazier than the inmates.


  4. Jim Tolbert says:

    My cell phone number is 915-491-5135. If you get voice mail, I will return your call.


    • district 2 says:

      Does this mean that you will take a position to support a 5 day work week? The 4 day work week is very inconvenient to the public. It is also offensive to those who work 5, 6 or 7 days a week and get paid less. Check out El Paso’s average income.


  5. Jerry K says:

    I was adamantly opposed to the four day week last I worked at the city in the library that had a six day week. But at least one person in the administrative area was on the four day schedule. I insisted that my employees (BTOP) work a normal five day week and some of the PC techs were on call over the weekend, too.

    I thought that whole “save energy” thing was the BS it has proven to be now that the old city hall is Woody World history.


  6. Disgusted says:

    Government employees and elected officials now comprise a special, entitled class. Between compensation, benefits, work schedules, etc., they are better off than the average employee in the private sector, especially in El Paso.

    Government employees are the only people who have job security. On the rare occasion that one does get fired, they continue to get paid and often get placed on administrative leave so they can continue to draw benefits and qualify for or improve pension benefits.

    Just look at former deputy city manager Shang who made $170,000 annually, plus, plus, plus. The city manager unilaterally amended her employment contract before Shang’s departure. She was placed on administrative leave for about six months with no explanation then on paid vacation for four months, so she never worked a day during the last nine months or so that she was paid. She was eligible for a pension after only seven years on the job, including the more than ten months of leave. The administrative leave period was key to her earning her pension. The public never received an explanation because the city continues to hide information using the “employment matter” excuse.

    And when Escobar and Niland exchange tweets about how the city reps do so much and deserve to be paid more, just remember that Niland was the one who did not make time to so her job and complete a review of Gonzalez, yet she voted for his huge unscheduled raise, only to turn on him and question his performance a few months later when he got sucked into the Romero scandals. She is also unwilling to turn off her cell phone for a few hours to focus on her job.


    • Disgusted, I have to disagree with your generalization of government employment. FYI, Texas is a so-called “Right To Work” state, and believe me, City, County, and State employees have no particular job security resembling the old system that existed prior to W’s tenure. Texas remains a state that has very little Union strength, and government employees’ unions have little power. Benefits are generally better than private sector, but that is slowly getting worse, as well. Yes, admin types – as always – have it way better, and unfortunately, elected representatives are getting way too much for the little that they do. Your understanding about pensions is clouded, as well. The former City Manager was able to qualify for a pension based on ten years total service, not seven, and while times may have been messed with, what was done was totally legal. I don’t like that any better than you do, but please get your facts straight.


      • Sad El Pasoan says:

        The City webpage states that she was appointed the Deputy City Manager in 2008. Did she work for the City of El Paso in other positions prior to 2008?


  7. They don’t work the four days, either. All these elected offices are part time, and that is the biggest reason they do not require big salaries. Well, other than the fact that they don’t do much of anything for our benefit, that is.


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