Note from a reader

This came in from a loyal reader:

Why do I care?
I want my grandchildren to grow up in a free AMERICA able to be American and able to be free to believe as they like.
I want them to be able to think for themselves.
They need an education where they can learn and support themselves.
Not an education where they are sub citizens because they cannot function in this country.
God Bless America.

5 Responses to Note from a reader

  1. abandon hope says:

    Of course you’re right about the taxes. Anyone deciding to home school has to accept that they pay twice — once for public school taxes, twice for a home-school curriculum. I know parents who have home-schooled children who are very well-adjusted and got into very good universities. I also know parents who “home school” but don’t have an organized curriculum or life style, so the kids are being deprived.

    Some public schools are great. Some are not even adequate. It’s the choice of the parents. I know a couple who scrimp to make ends meet so one parent can stay home to school their children. And their children are exceptionally smart and well-adjusted. Unfortunately, that may not always be the case with home-schooled children.

    A public school education is better than most parents can provide if they both must work. Ditto for a single parent. Sure the are vendors who just want to make a buck but it is the parents’ choice and responsibility if they go that route to research the options and pick a challenging curriculum that also teaches the values they cherish.


  2. Helen Marshall says:

    Take a look at Finland – decades ago they were pretty much at the bottom of the international rankings, along with the US…then they adopted some reforms (not home schooling or charter schools!) and today they are at the top most of the time. NO standardized tests! No multiple choice tests! Virtually no homework! Kids encouraged to read and learn because they enjoy it!

    What a concept, eh?


  3. Judy Maddox says:

    Smart person!!!!

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  4. abandon hope says:

    Do not depend on the public schools to provide the education you want for your grandchildren. Home school them. Invest in a home school curriculum, such as the one offered by Ron Paul. That’s just one example. There are others.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Why you should care: This is part of a Ron Paul ad I guess for people using something other than the Ron Paul Curriculum. And of course you should have a “choice” as to where you grandchildren get the education you want for them. But, if you do not want public education for them then do not expect to take the public education tax dollars for your choice. The taxes you pay for public education are just that and not a tax for you grandchildren’s education. . There is a lot of negative propaganda being put out buy people and vendors that would like to get in on the trillion dollar education market and believe me they do not really care about education but rather profits.

      The Struggles of the Homeschool Parent
      Do you recognize yourself in any of these?
      • Fighting the sense of being unprepared
      • Picking exactly the right materials
      • Preparing daily lesson plans — for years
      • Keeping every student motivated every day
      • Staying ahead of your children in all courses: algebra, calculus, chemistry, physics
      • Hearing this: “Do you even understand this?”
      • Lack of time to plan educational outings
      • Wearing too many hats every day
      • Moving from parent to teacher and back
      • Being resented as a homeschool nag
      • Not paying enough attention to your preschoolers
      • Emotional burnout


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