EPISD bonds–conflict of interest

At first glance many of us would not find a problem with the EPISD board president being involved in a political action committee formed to promote the passage of the bond issue.

She does, after all, passionately believe that spending the money is the right thing to do.  She does have the right as a citizen to promote the sale.

There is a problem however in that as board president she has knowledge that the average citizen does not have access to.  She knows what to talk about and what to keep quiet.  She also has the ability to influence school district actions to facilitate the sale of the bonds.

We would be better served if she followed the spirit of the law and stayed neutral in the election.

We deserve better



8 Responses to EPISD bonds–conflict of interest

  1. Sunshine says:

    The last bond voters approved was supposed to be fit a new high school. The fitting then decided it wasn’t needed so the money was used to build football stadiums. Why didn’t they use that for crumbling facilities? Do not trust these people!


  2. chico says:

    I used to believe that Fenenbock brought some sanity to the EPISD trustees. Now, I think she has fallen victim to the corrupt Kool Aid at the district.

    We cannot forget … the district has not spent all the money from the last bond. How are they going to deal with 600 million (3x the amount of the last bond).


    • Don’t see how any voter could possibly consider or vote for giving the untrusted, unethical EPISD board people a “slush fund” of almost a BILLION$$$$. People already sentenced, other sentences pending, 6 more recent arrests. My vote is NO, My “budget” can’t afford this EPISD slush fund and all the irresponsible tax, waste, spend and tax some more.


  3. The Dirt says:

    It’s clear from the El Paso Inc interview this weekend that EPISD executives have already had conversations with commercial and residential developers who are interested in the properties that are to be closed. No surprise. It confirms what many have suspected all along. When the school superintendent starts pontificating on the ideal alternative uses of various locations, sounding more like a developer than an educator, you know he is repeating what he has been told by people who are trying to make sure that certain properties get sold.


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    There is an extensive interview with both Cabrera and Fenenbock in the current El Paso Inc. Where the line is drawn between explanation and advocacy is murky…but this piece certainly seems to qualify as promotion.


    • abandon hope says:

      I read the interview. The part that I found most interesting is that there is no plan in place if the the bond vote fails. That strikes me as very poor management and alone is a reason to vote no. The Board of Trustees and EPISD top administration have put a lot of effort into convincing us they need to spend millions; they have put no effort into looking at alternatives that cost less or nothing. When smart families have a budget problem, they cut back. They don’t take a loan out to spend more, then worry about paying it back later. That’s what EPISD wants us to approve. It’s not going to happen.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Funny that school employees were sent an eleven page document on avoiding conflicts of interest. I’m pretty sure I saw cautions for school board members.


  6. Of course, the less the taxpayers know, are informed about this BILLION$$, the more likely they are to vote for it and the following tax INCREASES. The EPISD School Board is not much different than the City Council, Commissioners. they will get away with as much as they can and WE will never know what THEY did to US or what happened. Just like the City Council, Foster baseball field. THEY said that when El Pasoans voted for the $2 bucks per night on a hotel room, that WE actually voted for the TAXPAYERS to buy Foster the MULTI-MILLION$$$$ baseball field. They LIED and hid the whole deal. Their votes was all about campaign “donations, cash for votes”. Just one big Society of Corruption. And the only thing that even tries to keep these people “honest”, tell US the TRUTH, is someone like “Brutus”. Not the El Paso Times, not the local “authorities”, not the El Paso “Just Us” system.


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