EPISD bonds–counting their chickens

The people over at EPISD have already hired someone to help with the bonds that the voters have not even approved yet.

There is talk around town that the district has already chosen the team that will get the money,  including the building contractors.

This comment came in the other day and deserves to be a post:

Looks like the post at Refuse The Juice may be correct!

Check out Recent Employment Assignments at this link: https://www.episd.org/employment/assignments.php

The 8th name down on the list got a job that was created out of nowhere by Arrieta-Candeleria called Executive Director of Planning and Innovative Schools Construction. Could he be the same Carlos Gallinar that is the Deputy Director of the City of El Paso Planning Division???? He will probably make about $125,000 a year with EPISD!

Looks like she made up another position called Coordinator of the Office of the Deputy Superintendent of Finance and Operations! Seems to be like a Chief of Staff position that will even keep her calendar for her! Probably another $75,000 or more per year!!

Wonder who that job was created for? Let me guess…someone else that works for the City of El Paso????

It’s good to be the king!


We deserve better


9 Responses to EPISD bonds–counting their chickens

  1. Anonymous says:

    And was it the same Carlos Gallinar tgat was handpicked to chair the committee that chose the projects? It’s all one big scam. Vote no!


    • Checking it twice says:

      Oh man!! Yes it does look like this Gallinar guy was a leader on the EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee!!! Guess he did such a good job at selecting facilities that he scored himself a payback Executive Director job working on…you guessed it…Facilities and Buildings!

      Facilities Committee membership: https://www.episd.org/community/fac_roster.php

      Can someone provide a link to the El Paso Inc story? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.


      • chico says:

        Bingo. You move the committee in the desired direction, you get a high paying job.

        Wondering if this job was posted for public applicants or hired without open competition like Carmen A-C?

        Foreshadowing of how bond money will be used?


        • Anonymous says:

          3 weeks ago that position didn’t exist. Interesting that there was no job description online but now there is and the “revised” date is 6/23/16. Another hiring of someone in the inner circle…they didn’t even go through the motions of posting, interviewing and hiring who they want in the first place.


  2. Wow. As if school districts don’t already waste money. As if EPISD isn’t still recovering from a major fraud. I’m just glad I live way out here in the sticks of far east.


  3. Well of course, their mind is made up. “Bond vote”?? “We don’t need no stinkin’ Bond vote. We will do whatever we want and the stupid, ignorant peons of El Taxo won’t know any different”. The “Friends and Family” contractors, “consulting”, purchasing”, is just the way that bizness is done by politicians, public officials in El Taxo. That’s why everything takes much longer than it should, cost overruns in the MILLIONS$$$. “Uncle George, Cousin Jose” show up with the lowest “bid”, a pick up, wheel barrow and bag of cement, they get the job. That’s how it all works at the School Districts, City Hall, UMC and County Commissioners. “Bizness is bizness in El Taxo.


  4. Disgusted says:

    Both the super and the CFO will now have chiefs of staff, just like the prez and vice prez of the United States. Both of them have salaries that are about two thirds of what the prez and vp make. That doesn’t include all their perks and benefits. The super refers to his executive staff as his “cabinet” just like the prez.

    Now we know how the local school administrators see themselves. Just like people in federal government, the EPISD folks have an inflated sense of self-importance and are out of control.

    You take the salaries and benefits of the supers and senior administrators for all the local school districts and combine them and it totals up to serious money.


  5. Helen Marshall says:

    I am voting no on behalf of all the poor folks who probably won’t vote (given the terrible turnout records here) and who cannot afford the tax increase that this gigantic bond will incur. Meanwhile city policies that encourage endless sprawl so the developers can continue to thrive will also entail another bond issue in the future to close all the schools that are no longer needed and build new ones in the sprawl. The firms that service these bonds are licking their lips.


  6. abandon hope says:

    If you are opposed to the bond issue tell everyone you know your views and encourage them to vote “no.” In the coming weeks we will see a huge effort on the part of EPISD to get out the “yes” vote and remember that includes teachers, employees and their families. If EPISD follows the City’s pattern in bond campaigns, they will use taxpayer funds to fund their campaign. Is there an organized, funded “no” campaign? Probably not. Encourage everyone you know to vote “no” or taxpayers will be scammed again.


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