The Times has reporters

The Tuesday, September 6, 2016 El Paso Times was a pleasant surprise.

There was a well written front page article about local school superintendent compensation.

Another well written article headlined the Borderland section.  It was about city boards and commissions and their relative effectiveness.

Yet another article focused on our county hospital’s proposed tax increases.

New management

Are we seeing the influence of the new boss at the Times?  Are their reporters being allowed to research issues and print factual articles without being shut down for political reasons?

Let’s hope so.

Still some old influences

Unfortunately the front page article about TXDOT property acquisition for the Border West Expressway was more of what we have been getting from the Times.  The article cited numerous cases where property owners were paid for their property.  It even pointed out that some property owners were resisting.  What the article did not address was the fairness or unfairness of the amounts being paid by TXDOT.

We deserve better




2 Responses to The Times has reporters

  1. Judy Maddox says:

    But no one reported on the EPISD SUPER . Did he get certified ever? Taxpayers were suppose to pay for that

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  2. Update says:

    Cabrera completed his superintendent certification ahead of schedule.

    And there has been no change in the El Paso Times newsroom leadership. The new person announced a couple weeks ago doesn’t oversee the newsroom and doesn’t start until Sept. 19.


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