EPISD superintendent certified

We’ve been asked about the status of the EPISD superintendent’s certification.

According to the district he has been certified.


I wonder if I could become a surgeon with the promise that I would earn the necessary qualifications sometime in the next three years.

Could it be that the entire certification process is just a way to keep the process incestuous?  Is he somehow more capable of doing the right thing for the students now that he is certified?  If so why was he allowed to serve before he was educated (or indoctrinated)?

We deserve better


9 Responses to EPISD superintendent certified

  1. Deputy Dawg says:

    Again, and I do repeat this for everyone out there, this is state law, and if you dont like the law, then work to get it changed. The laws and rules that govern ALL of Texas education are not made up in El Paso. They are created and passed into law in Austin.

    Teachers can be teaching your children right this minute under an Alternative Certification Program and be working on their certifications WHILE they are working with your children. All that is required is a Bachelor’s degree.

    The idea behind the Superintendent’s certification program is such that district board of trustees can go outside of education to hire leaders, for instance, a retired General or an ex Police Chief or a company CEO, could be hired as a superintendent, but since that person would not necessarily have their certification, they could work on it while also leading a district.

    The implicaton of your entry here is that there are ways to game the system, when in fact, that is how the system is set up by our leaders in Austin, You might also recall that Cabrera was hired by the state appointed Board of Managers, which essentially was doing th ebidding of the Commissioner of Educaiton of Texas. Cabrera was hand picked by the Commissioner and then approved by the Board of Managers. Again, everything came from Austin.


  2. One thought here for deputy dawg: The folks in Austin are NOT our leaders. They are supposed to be our elected representatives. Calling them leaders gives them too much credit that few have ever tried to earn.


  3. Haiduc says:

    Maybe it is continuing education?


  4. Anonymous says:

    It has something to do with the Society of Corruption at EPISD. “You” don’t have to be QUALIFIED for a position, job, but you do have to know somebody, who knows somebody. And that is pretty much the “Requirement” for the City and County jobs.


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