EPISD staff leaving

We are hearing news of an exodus of senior officials from EPISD.

Some of them reported to the district’s new deputy superintendent–the one that was at the heart of the city’s financial misstatements.

Does anyone have specifics that can be shared?

We deserve better


13 Responses to EPISD staff leaving

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just heard the Chief Technology Officer is on paid administrative leave. Not long ago he was about the third highest paid person at EPISD. Wonder what the story is there?


  2. The Titanic is sinking says:

    I am on the inside and can personally tell you they target people with a conscious who wont go along with unethical decisions or back scratching. Carmen Candelaria has personally hired 3 of her own friends who are getting higher salaries than others… and when she left the district she was promised a job back….. but had to wait the 365 required days. Someone needs to ask some pointed questions. Its hard to stomach some of the reasons they come up with to justify the new positions created and why the old position vacated and the employee suddenly resigns. People are afraid to speak up because they know they will be reassigned. If you don’t work here you have no idea the fear.
    Bond money? Where is the Andress Fine Arts Center? Or the Irvin HS project now stalled? Power Up? No laptops were bought for incoming freshman and there is no Power Up continuing. Does the Gates Foundation know that? Achievement? Our Superintendent can’t even articulate why scores have not risen in the 3 years he’s been here. The excuses about cleaning up Garcias mess are tired and old. He’s had 3 years to do something but he is too busy running after his own accolades to notice his district is a mess. Mr. Cabrerras choices for hiring are no better. Dr. Coronado hasn’t held a job for more than a year in the last 3 districts he’s been pushed out of. The other two area superintendenta were chosen after a national search? The best we can get in this large district is their little experience? And how about the title changes people from the inside get that boost them into higher salaries on an interim basis until they are just appointed. Give me a break. I feel for every principal, teacher, and anyone higher than us peons no one notices. Mark my words, you may not notice us, but we parents and employees notice the mess and see what you do. Brutus…. you are dead on. Keep digging. For the rest of you…. where there is smoke there is fire. You should all be asking the same questions.


  3. Desperate for honesty says:

    Dear sirs; There was a time when your blog possessed a level of excellence in surfacing issues of critical importance to our community. What made you excellent was the fact that you did not engage in partisan, paid-for personal attacks, libel, innuendo or simply vitriolic rumor-mongering. You exposed facts and analyzed them intelligently and honestly even if the commentary was at times, biting. Sadly lately, and as particularly evidence by this trashy rumor/gossip post, you seem to have cast aside any pretense at honesty and have succumbed to the cheap gossip-mongering that prevails among local bloggers and does nothing to improve transparency or good government but just creates cynicism, mistrust, apathy and chaos.


    • The truth shall set you free says:

      Yes some are being pressured out so that some can bring buddies in. But some who have left were cronies recruited by Proact at top dollar!

      Here is one who was a high ranker! After you read the article at the link, you need to ask what else he plagiarized!

      Here’s the link:
      Thank you elpasospeak for asking the right questions. When you are told you are gossip-mongering it only means you are getting too close.


      • Anonymous says:

        Avery wasn’t pushed out but that is a hilarious article…he is a pretentious a-hole concerned solely about appearances and the appearance of success…probably already traded in his BMW for a Mercedes or Jag now he is a super


  4. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Rats leaving a sinking ship….


  5. Haiduc says:

    Moral must be low or retirement package good…


  6. anonymous says:

    Are they jumping or are they being pushed?


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