EPISD bonds–high school renovations

The EPISD bond issue will likely lose some votes because of the unequal amounts they are spending on the schools.

These high school renovation numbers are in millions of dollars:

Andress    23

Austin     32

Coronado   73

El Paso    21

Irvin      27

Will voters resent giving Coronado more than twice the amount that other schools get?

We deserve better


16 Responses to EPISD bonds–high school renovations

  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    How much money was spent during the last bond on the the schools that are closing?? I think most of them got multi purpose buildings – glorified gyms but nonetheless they did cost money! As for school closings – what about the value of the land that those schools occupy? Has the district disclosed that info?

    I wonder if land from Coronado on Meas will be sold off – that’s some pricey commercial real estate!!


  2. mamboman3 says:

    More than twice what other schools get and more than THRICE what Andress and El Paso get! Andress 23 x 3 = 69 and El Paso 21 x 3 = 63 compared to Coro ‘s 73! Talk about fair and equitable? Yet, consider that voters on the west have a very good voter turnout rate so expect plenty of votes FOR the biased bond.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Was just thinking about how EPISD’S Superintendent was doing with the new ACTUVE LEARNING and PROJECT BASED LEARNING Model that he introduced into our district for the last 3 years as he was hired in September of 2013. I haven’t seen much information on the STAARS test this year and if they are good I am sure there would be headlines telling us so.

      I ran some results from the TEA website on the Spring tests of 8th graders for the last 3 years for the Social Security Test. Now this test requires that you correctly answer 26 out of 52 questions or score 50% on the old scoring system that most adults can understand. :).
      I found that the AVERAGE Failure rate of our local districts were very interesting.

      Canutillo came out on top as only 31% of their students failed the test on average for the last 3 years.
      Socorro was next with a very close 32%
      Ysleta was also very close with a 32%
      The State of Texas, all schools, came in next with 36%
      And bringing up the rear you find the El Paso ISD with a sparkling 47% average failure rate for 3 years of 8th grade Social Studies exams.
      Maybe we should concentrate on EDUCATION of our children rather that a 996 million dollar bond issue!
      Oh, I forgot, the new schools being built, closed and combined with be so great that students will all do better making the EPISD and El Paso great again.
      If anyone would like to see this data in Excel form send me you e-mail address and I will send.


  3. Judy Maddox says:

    Voters look at Coronado and Franklin as the rich kids high school,I. Reality they each have five low income housing unites in their districts and are title I but That said. NO BOND SHOULD BE PASSED .

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  4. In his words says:

    Here is the KVIA report where superintendent Cabrera talks about who attends Silva…



  5. dsf says:

    Dori’s kids go to Coronado.


  6. Calling BS What It Is...BS says:

    So FAIRNESS is out of style, huh? So all of a sudden Jefferson is a Southside School and the Powers That Be are throwing a bone to the Southside just to quell the little people, right? The Southside gets screwed again!

    Let’a get something straight. Did you know that Jefferson/Silva is actually a Westside School??

    Here’s the scam described by a Jefferson employee: A quick Public Information Request will tell you that a good number of Silva Health Magnet students come from Coronado and Franklin! You see, Silva is a haven, not for kids who want to be doctors, but parents who want their kids to be in varsity sports! Everyone knows that Coronado and Franklin are closed shops as far as making the varsity teams. Sold to the highest donor! So, have your kid go to Silva and they can legally take away sports team spots from the kids that actually live around Jefferson! Check it out for yourself by asking where Silva students come from!

    So a Jefferson/Silva renovation, as magnanimous as it sounds, is a benefit to the Westsiders ramming this bond down the throats of people they think are gullible enough to believe the BS.

    The Segundo Barrio gets shafted again.

    Watch the bouncing ball…


  7. The Wizard says:

    Yes, some people will fight about spreading the wealth. While there are fair arguments against the bond, spreading money around should not be among them.


  8. Deputy Dawg says:

    Provincial mentality. What’s in it for me? The west side gets everything! How long do we have to put up with that thinking? Coronado is falling apart, Bowie is not. On top of that:

    The group that attended the last EPISD board meeting that said there was “nothing for the southside” and that those schools completely overlooked the partial rebuild of Jefferson ($34 million which you left off your list) a new K-8 at Henderson ($32 million) , neighborhood wifi, technology for all students, renovations at Silva Health Magnet, turf replacement at Bowie and Jeff, playground upgrades, and new school busses.


    • Brutus says:

      We built the list from the “Comprehensive Renovations” section of a document available on the district’s web page.


      The Jefferson/Silva project was listed under “Facilities” by the district.



      • Deputy Dawg says:

        No matter what it is listed under, it is still part of the bond.


        Last time I checked, Jeff was southside, not westside. The students in that neighborhood will benefit.


        • Learn Your El Paso Geography says:

          You need to check again. Jefferson is central. Not Southside by any definition. Never has been. Unless, of course, you use the great line of division of the haves and the have nots.

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          • Deputy Dawg says:

            Better call KVIA about where “South El Paso is” as well: Apparently they think Fox Plaza is part of South El Paso as well..http://www.kvia.com/news/water-main-break-floods-street-in-south-el-paso/39411096

            I have lived here all my life. I know where south El Paso is…

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          • Really?? says:

            So I guess that going to elementary at Clardy, middle at Henderson with Mr Cobos as principal and graduating from Jefferson with Mr. Valenzuela as principal makes me a lesser expert on my frikken neighborhood which is NOT in the Segundo Barrio. We are and always have been South Central, Dawg. The Segundo Barrio got nothing in this bond because they had the nerve to stand up to the closing of schools in their area! The actual and true Southside got nothing because it is viewed as less important lowly masses. And, for the record, there is an existing site evaluation, according to an architect friend, to put the new Central Office on a very big piece of land at Bowie that EPISD already owns with quick easy access to Loop 375! Why does the district not want it there? The new finance lady and the powers that be have said in public that they don’t want their cars stolen on the Southside. Their attitude towards the Southside sucks! It is plain and simple elitist!!! Public Records Requests people! The facts are there in plain sight!


    • Chico says:

      since we are talking about Jeff & Bowie … is there a long term plan for these two campuses? I may be silly, but I’d like to know the long term plan (consolidate, close one, etc) before we invest in either facility. Deputy Dawg, any knowledge on the long-term plan?


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