1.5 times

Word on the street is that the Times will raise the price of their daily publication to $1.50 within the next few weeks.

We deserve better


8 Responses to 1.5 times

  1. The Oracle says:

    That otta do it !
    Might as well be $9.50.
    That will surely increase sales.
    Just great for the advertisers that ALREADY pay for the production of the newspaper.
    Most of the stores now. . . only carry Spanish language newspapers. Nothing like keeping the El Paso population from practicing English, where 90% of the business of the world is transacted.


  2. Benevelous says:

    One more reason not to get the paper… I mean, besides not owning a bird…


  3. Maybe cut the price to 25 cents? Had subscribed to the Times for many years. Then it got to the point that had to call 2-3 times a week to get a newspaper, so cancelled 2-3 years ago. On Sundays sometimes get a paper from machine up the street at corner store. Then had surgery, so subscribed for Saturday, Sunday home delivery. During July, August, September my paper just wasn’t delivered even those two days. My credit card was still charged. Nobody responded to any calls. Then finally a Facebook post and Email got it started again. They didn’t know why it was stopped. Maybe making the Times a good “bargain” would increase subscriptions? Increasing the price will probably have the opposite effect. The Times reminds me of the small town newspaper where my Mom and Dad lived. “Uncle Joe and Aunt Suzie of Fabens, visited her Momma in Juarez this weekend”. They got rid of Charlie Egren, one of the good Writers they had. No crime , Investigative reporters. Maybe now the reporting is contracted out to El Diario??


  4. Citizen Kane says:

    Communities generally end up getting the newspaper they deserve. That’s because the quality of the newspaper you get reflects the level of readership and advertising support of the community — or in El Paso, the lack thereof.


  5. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Jees, did the county raise their taxes too?. $1.00 for day old news is too much. $1.50 a day is way beyond what I will pay for 1 1/2 pages of day old news and 4 pages of advertisements! So long, El Paso Times.


    • Old Gringo, would just like to note. In the Sunday Times, Life Style Section, “An Author was presented a Life Time Achievement AWAD”. And of course it’s very obvious that the Times is a “Democrat, Liberal” newspaper. We don’t get both sides of ANY political story. Whatever Trump might do or say is exaggerated, fabricated, expanded upon to make him look as bad as possible. And Clinton?? Well one of her Aides “dropped a phone and broke it and also lost some of Clintons Emails”. They don’t look out for the PEOPLE of El Paso at any time, at all. No fact finding, no investigative reporting. They refuse to PRINT anything about what the City Council, County Commissioners, Central Appraisal District, the School Boards, Districts DO to the taxpayers, “Stupid, ignorant peons” of El Taxo. Either biased or NO “Reporting”.


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