EPISD staff changes

Since our former deputy city mangler has moved over to EPISD as deputy superintendent of finance and operations we have seen quite a turnover in the senior operations staff at EPISD.

The deputy director of planning and innovative school construction worked with her before.  We fear that “innovative” will describe the way rules get bent if the bond issue passes.

The position of chief information officer is now vacant.  So is the second level position of director of network services.  Both former employees left a couple of weeks ago.

We need to remember what happened over at the city.

Looks like they are putting together a new team.

We deserve better



9 Responses to EPISD staff changes

  1. City of El Paso Employment Agency says:

    Remember that $100,000 Chief of Staff position for Deputy Superintendent Carmen Arrieta-Can-Spend-Alot? Just came out at EPISD Recent Appointments. Looks like EPISD is now a prime job seeking location for the City of El Paso!!! Veronica Campbell, Senior Purchasing Agent for the City of El Paso is now the Coordinator of the Office of the Deputy Superintendent!!! So she has a Chief of Staff now! Do these people truly think we are stupid??? Now, let’a see which City of El Paso employee is the next winner for The Price Is Right!! There is a Chief of Information position that was recently vacated coincidentally by A guy named Stiles! And a Director of Network Services!! Ok City of El Paso people…get your resumes ready!!

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  2. Bart S. absolutely one of the most truthful comments I have seen here. Clowns and inherent corruption.


  3. Cutting the “fat” at EPISD has nothing whatever to do with baloney sandwiches in the lunch room. Way too many people have the “Friends and Family” POSITIONS, not actual JOBS at EPISD. The School Board politicians are like Byrd, politicians who moved from another chair. We have to remember that it was the School Board that was complacent, simply ignored the criminal activities of Lorenzo Garcia and many others. Seems that many of the “positions” at EPISD are people who “plan” how to spend, waste OUR money and INCREASE taxes. Wonder WHO has the plan to blow off 37 MILLION$$$ on closing schools to SAVE 9 MILLION$$$. Really, these are the people who TAKE our money??


    • Dan Wever says:

      Charles, where do you get 37 million to save 9 million. I just quickly added up the money going to the K-8 movement and it was over $185,000,000.


      • I know some of your history with EPISD and in El Paso. So if you are saying it’s much, much more they are blowing off, I believe you. The 37 vs 9 MILLION$$$ was a figure I saw on the internet that someone posted. So yes, was just repeating what I had seen, not what you apparently KNOW to be actual. Still extreme “sticker shock” for taxpayers, 13% or MORE tax INCREASE. Thanks Mr Wever for the info. My vote will still be NO.


  4. Bart S. says:

    The media says that the local police and school authorities have been on the lookout for creepy clowns. It’s really not hard to find the clowns. All they have to do is look inside the district administrative offices and board meetings and at city council or county commission meetings.


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