EPISD teacher contracts

This came in from Dan Wever:


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  1. EPISD needs a leader says:

    I would like someone to ask Mr. Cabrerra why he has failed to show up to ANY Northeast bond meetings. He sends his cronies with excuses after excuses…. but he shows up to bond meetings on the Westside. Why was he spotted out to dinner at the same time as one of the bond meetings? The short answer can be found in his speech to principals last week. Not only did he tell us he wouldn’t be around to see the bond projects through, but he also told us when closures happened that he alone would decide who would be principal and who would be demoted. No say for the schools, or fair and judicious process for the best candidate… the same unilateral decisions made that show why this district is hurting. He talks about treating employees with respect but his do as I say attitude and not as I do has resulted in a climate of fear and distrust. Many of us have nevery even had a personal conversaroom with our so called leader. He is only looking out for himself. Oh…. and while you are at it, could you ask him why he is glued to Dori Feninbock’s side? She answer all the questions and does all the speaking. Who is in charge of who?


  2. Following the $$ - Spotlight on a Quiet Coup says:

    Looking at lists of committee and group membership and what members have in common turns the spotlight on big money and back room deals.

    Who benefits from EPISD Bond: Here is a video of the Westside Community Coalition Meeting.

    Cabrera and Fenenbock talk about where vacant properties will go when schools consolidate.

    Cabrera clearly says property swapping, leasing options for shopping centers – especially Morehead which is near the Montecito and Alamo Drafthouse, selling to housing developers and other uses:


    Who are the biggest EPISD Bond beneficiaries:

    Real Estate Developers and Home Builders
    Shopping and Retail Developers
    Construction Firms
    Legal Firms
    Construction Material Firms

    Some members of Texans for Education Reform (Now Aspire Texas):

    Woody Hunt Hunt Industries , Donor to Fenenbock and Velarde Campaigns
    Jennifer Koppel IDEA Charter Schools
    Dee Margo EP Mayoral Candidate
    Michael Williams Former Commissioner of Education. Named EPISD Board of Managers
    Michael Morath Current Commissioner of Education.


    EPISD Appointed Board of Managers

    Dee Margo – President Rain Maker and candidate for EP Mayor
    Ed Archuleta CREEED, requested Facilities Study used for Bond Measure
    Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria Deputy Superintendent of Finance EPISD,
    Blanca Enriquez Community En Accion
    Judy Castleberry Working at Direction of Commissioner Michael Williams

    EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee members with conflict of interest:

    Marci Bain Coronado PTA
    Gerald Cichon Housing Authority Cabrera says he would like to trade land with City of El Paso and Housing Authority
    Ed Escudero CREEED and Kids First PAC
    Carlos Gallinar Former Planner with City of El Paso. Now Executive Director of Innovative School Construction
    Mari Van Pelt Co-chair of El Paso Rising, Coronado Parent
    Jennifer Erlich Coronado PTA – Director of Marketing EP Chamber of Commerce
    EPISD Employees and Retired Employees on committee = 25 people or more than ¼ of the committee. 5 were promoted to high positions

    El Paso Rising PAC Leaders:

    Jaime Barceleau Also on District of Innovation Committee, Running for City Council
    Nolita Garcia Coronado parent
    Mari Van Pelt On EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee
    Dori Fenenbock EPISD Board President
    Barbara Esparza Director of Finance, Child Crisis Center (Executive Director is EPISD Board Member Al Velarde)

    Some El Paso Rising Donors:

    Western Refining Paul Foster
    TCG Group Holdings These are the administrators for EPISD Insurance Health Spending Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts – Formerly Known as JEM
    Jobe Materials Concrete and other Construction Materials
    Kirk Robison Burger King and others
    Meyers Group Looks like Dori Fenenbock’s son
    River Oaks Property Builds Shopping Centers
    Woody Hunt Residential Dwelling Developer
    Jim Cardwell CFO of Petro Stopping Centers
    Dee Margo Former President of EPISD Board of Managers, Contributed to Fenenbock Campaign
    Michael Apodaca Treasurer of the EP Democratic Party
    Santi Dwellings (Owns The Montecillo on Mesa)
    MIMCO (Retail Property Owner across El Paso)

    Some Kids First PAC Donors:

    Richard Castro CREEED
    Ed Escudero CREEED and EPISD Facilities Committee
    Woody Hunt Hunt Industries, El Paso Rising Donor
    John Karlshruer CSA Constructors
    Thad Steele Construction
    Carlos Ornelas Transport and Trucking
    Venegas Engineering Management and Construction (VEMAC)

    Some CREEED Members:

    Richard Castro Kids First PAC Donor
    Woody Hunt El Paso Rising PAC and Kids First PAC Donors
    Ed Archuleta Appointed Board of Managers,
    Ed Escudero EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee
    Amy O’Rourke El Paso Leadership Academy
    Oscar Venegas CEO VEMAC

    Known to Associate with Forma Group (group paid by Kids First PAC):

    Mark Smith
    Woody Hunt
    Dee Margo
    Marisa Marquez


    El Paso Group that Traveled to Rio Grande Valley to formulate El Paso partnership with IDEA Charter Schools:

    Deb Zuolaga
    Tania Schwartz
    Ed Escudero CREEED, EPISD Facilities Committee
    Karen Blaine Former El Paso Leadership Academy admin. Now EPISD Chief of Innovation
    Juan Sanchez El Paso Chamber of Commerce
    Omar Yanar El Paso Leadership Academy
    Amy O’Rourke CREEED, El Paso Leadership Academy, Helped to créate La Fe Prep incorporating former EPISD Campus Roosevelt Elementary School


    Community En Accion Board in common with above lists:

    Richard Castro CREEED, Kids First PAC Donor
    Blanca Enriquez Former Member of EPISD Board of Managers
    Ed Escudero CREEED, EPISD Facilities Committee
    Jaime Barceleau Candidate for City Council

    Dori Fenenbock Campaign Contributors

    El Paso Federation of Teachers
    Woody Hunt
    Oscar Leeser
    Western Refining Paul Foster
    Dee Margo

    Al Velarde Campaign Contributors

    Western Refining Paul Foster
    Woody Hunt
    El Paso Federation of Teachers
    Veronica Escobar Campaign


    Examples of EPISD District of Innovation Committee (got rid of employee contract protections):

    Ivonne Durant EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee, Deputy Superintendent
    Karen Blaine Former El Paso Leadership Academy Charter, EPISD Chief of Innovation
    Jaime Barceleau El Paso Rising PAC Chairman, Community en Accion
    Dana Hamilton Borderplex REIT Chair
    Ross Moore EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee, Federation of Teacher President
    Norma De La Rosa EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee, EPTA President
    Michael Devine EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee
    Amy O’Rourke CREEED, El Paso Leadership Academy
    Lynn Gill EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee
    Debbie Trexler EPISD Facilities Advisory Committee


  3. Benevelous says:

    Finally. Someone is getting to the core of the issue with EPISD.


    It has always been about control. And, the union is (and has been for a while) right there in bed with the admin tucked in tight!

    The teacher’s union here has no teeth and no spine to back up even a decent bark. Their leadership hob knobs with the district administration and rubs elbows with all of the “movers and shakers” the superintendent can muster and the other people they bring into this Machiavellian utopia people are still referring to as EPISD.

    Read, “The Prince” by Machiavelli. You will find it to be the playbook for the current EPISD administration. There are several passages from “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels that seem to match disturbingly well with their management philosophy as well.

    Getting control of the firing process (and being exempt from a few other bothersome state rules) is what the “District of Innovation” thing is all about. It was NEVER about doing anything of actual benefit for the children.

    It has all ALWAYS been about obtaining complete control of the people and machinery of the district, conducting the social experiment, and increasing the money flow. Now that they can fire teachers for nearly any reason, the “fun” is about to begin!

    And the starting bell?

    The Bond. We give them this ridiculously huge amount of money to play with, and a HUGE number of people are going to get their lives hurt (to the sights and sounds of smiles and laughter in the admin).

    Any employee not ‘with’ their “program”, anyone who utters a tiny dissident complaint, all who fail to fully demonstrate complete faith and belief in the “New Order” daring to rock the boat will be dumped over the side without hesitation (or fear of reprisal from the state…).

    And, the “Union” is backing these people. They are actually supporting the bond!

    The Union has sold us all out.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Here is a takeout of the Keller ISD information about the District of Innovation in Texas.

      What areas of flexibility can KISD consider in its District of Innovation journey?
      A District of Innovation may adopt a plan that includes exemptions from most of the same state laws that are not applicable to open enrollment school districts. These laws could include:

      Uniform school start date
      Class size ratio
      Minimum minutes of instruction
      The 90 percent attendance rule (but compulsory attendance still applies)
      Student discipline provisions (with some key exceptions, like the requirement to have a code of conduct and restrictions on restraint and seclusion)
      Teacher appraisal system
      Teacher certification (except as required by federal law)
      Teacher contracts
      Teacher benefits
      Site-based decision making processes (to the extent required by state law)
      Not all of these possibilities will be right for Keller ISD. It us up to the DOI committee to determine what laws to exempt ourselves from and which to leave in place.


  4. Two things: Texas is, and has long been, against unions. As long as we remain a Red State (under Republican control), there will be little consideration given to something as fundamental as workers’ rights.


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