EPISD bonds–flexible if nothing else

Remember the Times building that our former city chief financial officer told us did not need much work in order for the city to move in?  ” Minimal due to condition of building” is the term she used in a presentation to city council.

The city told us before the moves that the cost would be about $33 million.  We have been able to document actual costs north of $70 million on this blog.

Shortly after our new city manager arrived she left the city.  The new people at the city have spoken publicly about the mess that the city’s finances were in when they started work.

Now she is the deputy superintendent of finance and operations at EPISD and is continuing her flexible approach to fulfilling promises.  When the Times recently asked her about $19 million of 2007 EPISD bond money that has yet to be even allocated the Times published this:

EPISD Chief Financial Officer Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria said the money could be used to bolster the 2016 bond plan “in the vent the board wants to allocate those dollars for something additionally or maybe if a project doesn’t come out with everything the board wants, the community wants.”

In other words, their estimates for the current projects may not be right and this money could be a neat slush fund.

We deserve better


4 Responses to EPISD bonds–flexible if nothing else

  1. Disgusted teacher NOT Voting for the bond says:


    As a Northeast parent and teacher, I’m sick of us getting pushed aside. Why will money from a previous bond not be used to finish the promised projects? Is that why the board had to deliberate behind closed doors about bond allocation funds? It’s not for legal representation. I’ve been at board meetings and seen the district attorney present. I’ve heard her give advice. And why is the board discussing allocations that are supposed to already be present in the bond plan? Isnt that what the 70+ bond committee already gave their blessing to? Why the secrecy? I have a feeling it’s because as usual EPISD is going to determine where they want the money. Perhaps a swimming pool at Franklin now instead of the Andress Fine Arts Center? Or perhaps instead of finishing construction on the Irvin HS additions to support their New Tech they will give another set of brand new laptops to Chapin HS while the rest of the schools get reconditioned ones. Funny how paradigms don’t shift in EPISD and certain schools keep getting padded while other schools…. especially those in the NorthEast get nothing.

    Maybe that’s also why the Superintendent has failed to show for ANY Northeast bond meetings. What’s his excuse this time?


  2. JAFO says:

    carmen and wilson should be rode out of town on a rail. they pushed for and underestimated the ballpark cost and now are trying to help their benefactors once again with this episd bond while the other helps at the CAD.


  3. The Sting says:

    The way some people move so easily between publicly funded agencies around here is sort of like the way con artists fleece one mark and then quickly move on to their next mark.


  4. Helen Marshall says:

    Definitely a “woman of impact. Maybe not quite as bad as a meteorite hitting the city….


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