EPISD bonds–a binding (but secret) resolution

The Times did a great job the other day of letting us know some details about the Wednesday, September 28, 2016 meeting the EPISD board held that we wrote about in EPISD bonds–secret discussions.

Lindsey Anderson of the Times wrote:

Trustees say their promise to not change the 2016 bond project list will be binding for current and future school boards.  Four of the seven board seats will be up for election in May.

Byrd said voters could take the resolution to the Texas Attorney General’s Office if they felt EPISD reneged on its promises.  The trustees were briefed on those possible ramifications during a closed meeting.


Why is it that they needed to go into closed session, where the public could not hear the facts,  in order to discuss the public’s ability to protest a potential future change to the projects the bonds might fund?  If they want us to believe that the boards can be held accountable, why wouldn’t they let us know how to do it?  Why didn’t we get to hear the discussion between the board members so that we could have a better understanding of how they felt about the issue?

Why didn’t she tell us about our rights when the appointed board of managers shifted the 2007 money?

We deserve better


5 Responses to EPISD bonds–a binding (but secret) resolution

  1. anonymous says:

    Ever notice how Deputy Dawg never directly addresses Brutus point. Instead, he asserts some tangential or irrelevant point to distract from actual facts.

    When he really doesn’t have a counterargument, he blames the Republicans in Austin. I.e., It’s their fault that Cabrera et al lack transperancy.


  2. EPISD needs a leader says:

    Thank you Brutus. Deputy Dawg your argument is weak at best. In fact, it goes so far as to completely ignore the issue. The board voted to begin construction on Jefferson HS gym, even though they are part of the new bond proposal in August this year. They also voted to begin Bowie expanson. What gives them the right to use these funds without fulfilling prior promises on bond money? My guess is they are trying to appease voters for the bond. They must have no respect for the NorthEast. As I stated earlier, the superintendent hasn’t even attended any NE bond meetings. There is no Andress Fine Arts center, Irvin construction has come to a screeching halt, and many of the elementary schools have not gotten their promised comstruction. I hope the NE sees this snub for what it is.

    As for magnetic doors…. don’t assume the superintendent is there. Check the gym at 10 am every day. He is rarely in the office and most principals have never even had a conversatin with him. When not in thr gym, or out to dinneelr with Dori Fenenbock He’s out flying to the next state and city to champion another award that’s a farce. We are sick of this lack of transparency and being used as pawns.

    Lindsey Anderson is in the pocket of EPISD and won’t publish anything negative. Her journalism should be labeled PR for EPISD. But then again, the Executive Director of Community Relatinons came from The El Paso Times so that is no surprise.


  3. Benevelous says:

    To answer your question…

    The reason they do this is because this entire operation is NOT about representing the public and its desires and wishes for the direction of our school district.

    They most certainly do NOT do this for the benefit of school children or their education!

    They do it because some serious money is involved and the flow (to the right people and places) MUST be ensured.

    The entire district administration (and its Board) are doing everything they possibly can to conceal what they intend and what they are doing.

    The administration has literally locked itself away behind magnetically secured doors so as to keep any potential encounter with the ‘little people’ (aka… their employees) to an absolute minimum.

    They will not reveal even the most mundane bit of information as to their plans unless legally forced to by the situation at hand.

    And yet, so many sentences end with the word, “Transparency”…


    They are running the single most opaque administration in the history of EPISD. I would bet in the history of school districts all through the western world!

    It’s HOW you get away with stuff and NOT go to federal prison like the last guy.


  4. Deputy Dawg says:

    The bigger question is: Would you, or anyone on this blog, have gone to the meeting in any instance? No. 99.999% would not have gone. Complaining about something you would not have actually done to begin with is silly. You are mad because they didn’t hold an open meeting to a meeting you would not have attended. This is yelling at clouds.


    • Brutus says:

      If my understanding of the subject is correct, video images were first recorded magnetically in 1951. The EPISD board kindly provides recordings of the public portion of their meetings on the district web site. We really do not have to attend meetings to see what goes on in the public portion of board meetings.



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