EPISD bonds–central office

We asked the EPISD school board president the following question:

“Can you disclose the plan to replace the central office?”

Her response came back the same day and was:

The statement “We will continue to pay for the lease from our operational dollars” implies that they plan to lease facilities, not own them.

7 Responses to EPISD bonds–central office

  1. So, how many cars per day go in and out of the average elementary or any other school within the district? I think that reference to a “traffic burden” is just a tad lame. Likewise, I bet just about any campus has adequate parking to handle the yuuuuge number of employee and visitor cars.


  2. tBusch says:



  3. The Oracle says:

    I did NOT see the El Paso Bond Issue on the Absentee Voting Machine in my area.
    And I WAS. . . LOOKING for it.
    Just didn’t SEE it at all.


  4. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Well, gee whiz! Seems ta me that all them big shiny school buses could transport all them EPISD employees ta work whilst they is hauling all the kids ta school! Especially if the EPISD offices were located on one a the closed schools.


  5. Judy Maddox says:

    School sites would not require a lease Whose property downtown ? How long of a lease? School sites have ingress/egress small parking garage can be built. Existing downtown town buildings employees would have to pay to park . Besides the asbestos complaint of the BLUE FLAME building parking shopping and lunch were big complaints ? Who owns Blue Flame now?

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