EPISD bonds

The bond issue for EPISD has been approved by the voters.

Congratulations to the board president–she did an outstanding job promoting them.

Pay attention

We need to continue to pay attention and focus on how the bonds are administered.

Is the money being spent fairly and wisely?  Are they using the funds for the projects they told us the money would be spent on?

Will the committee that gets appointed to oversee the spending take care of us or of the special interests?

We deserve better


10 Responses to EPISD bonds

  1. If the people at EPISD use the money to stuff their own pockets or the pockets of “Friends and Family” Contractors, NOTHING WE can do about it. They will do exactly what they want, if they want, with the MULTI-MILLION, BILLION$$$ slush fund. Find it hard to believe that El Taxo homeowners would vote THEMSELVES this outrageous tax INCREASE. We have to ask, WHO counted the votes this time?


  2. Pacman says:

    4 EPISD trustees and 4 YISD trustees are up in May 2017. Start a PAC and vote them out.


  3. They say they are going to establish the Bond Oversight Committee by next Wednesday. We’re encouraging people who might be interested to contact the Trustees. But, a week after the election is FAST. That means they already know who they want to put on that committee.


  4. Disgusted says:

    I will never trust them because of the fake school bus photo that they used in their advertising mailer. If you can’t trust them to do the right thing on small things during the campaign, how can you trust them on the big things after the vote?

    The president of the board reads this blog and has commented on occasion, but she chose not to respond to posts about their use of a photo of a dilapidated school bus that was not an EPISD school bus.


  5. Anonymous says:

    It is going to be an orgy of evil. They will build things. Their favorite contractors will become rich and all of the people responsible will be sure now to get their next six figure education job (some already h


  6. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Ya know, when the wife and I voted, all the people I talked to said they voted against the bond issue! Just seems funny to me that it passed, if no one voted for it. Oh well, as I am an old f@rt, my school taxes are frozen. Good luck to those who are paying for all the laptops(parent’s responsibility) and the new school busses.


    • Old Gringo, same scenario in the voting lines. NOBODY was going to vote for the BILLION$$$ slush fund. My School Taxes are also frozen, but I voted NO for my friends, neighbors and all the other homeowners of El Taxo who are so grossly over-taxed, ABUSED in this town. Just don’t believe, TRUST this vote count.


  7. Reality Check says:

    Truth is that if the board fails to live up to its promise not to repurpose the money, voters have no real recourse. Filing a complaint with the state is toothless and by the time you remove them from office, the damage will have been done.


    • So much for transparency says:

      It is also very curious that EPISD would announce the sudden exit of Deputy Superintendent Yvonne Durant AFTER Election Day!! Her last day is November 18 and not the end of the semester. This spells that she was asked to leave. So much for transparency.


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