Republicans at bat

Come January the republicans will have control over all of the elective branches of our feral government.

At the state level Republicans will occupy 33 or so of the state governorships.

The fifty state legislatures are currently 68% republican.

No one else to blame

They have an unusual opportunity to execute their agendas.  Whatever happens in these next few years will solely be their responsibility.

We deserve better


20 Responses to Republicans at bat

  1. Annon says:

    I for one welcome our nation’s return to the 1930’s.


  2. The Oracle says:

    These legislatures cannot operate with COMPROMISE on every issue. Having to COMPROMISE, one side wants a road, the other side does not, so lets build HALF a road.
    Half a school.
    Half a road.
    Half a law, that is sooooo lame and watered down it does not work.
    Half of what is REALLY NEEDED for Law and Order.
    Spend half as much as what something costs to do something PROPERLY.
    No matter what the issue, one side says YES and the other side automatically says NO, (on 90% of the issues. . .)
    So, nothing gets done.

    At least, there will be decisions based on research and then a plan (not HALF a compromised plan) and then the plan brought forth and exercised.
    Hey, look . . . . something actually got done !

    (Mommy says we can go to the park but Daddy says NO, so we’ll just walk HALF WAY to the park and then walk back)
    See. . . . nothing was accomplished.

    As we’ve seen in the past 2-3 months. . . that the Left is lawless and is being exposed. Sanctuary cities won’t comply with Federal Law.
    Dems forcing Bernie out of the race and even plotting to do so. Total lawlessness. Lying to Congress. Lying to the American people. Selling government favors and closeness in return for usually high speaking fees. Total lawlessness.
    Oh, sure Obama didn’t KNOW Hilly was using an unsecured server (and NOT .GOV email address) and HE was sending emails to her.
    Corruption all the way to the top.

    Total lawlessness. And only now, with massive leaks showing us the corruption, otherwise we would never know.

    The Democratic Federal Government was running their business like the El Paso Democrats were. Total lawlessness.
    El Paso City Council asking “Is this even LEGAL?”

    Skirting the law at every corner. Relying on No Voter turnout so they can pass whatever they want, rather than what we can afford.

    Sooooo, someone has to take charge, and they now, they did.


    • Independent says:

      Compromise does not mean half a road. It means working together. How about if I give you that road if you cut back on spending for the commerce department? We used to have statesmen. Now we have professiosnal politicians.


  3. See Ya says:

    Given the current hate-fest in the media regarding Republicans, I think it is a fair bet that absolutely everything a Republican proposes or does will be met with extreme hostility, after 8 years of media coverage that was not even slightly critical of a Democrat administration. We do deserve better, but that doesn’t mean Democrats. For the most part I have enjoyed the posts from this site, but if this is where you are headed count me out. Hillary Clinton was an extremely poor choice for nomination, and until a few years ago Trump was a life long Democrat. To make Republicans responsible for any of this is to be knowingly dishonest. Hillary wanted to run against Trump because she thought she could defeat him. Her fawning media made that happen. Now don’t cry about a situation that was brought about COMPLETELY by Democrats. If you are going to point fingers, at least point them in the right direction.


    • Enough Already says:

      If you really read this blog regularly, you would know that Brutus’s standard sign-off was in no way an endorsement of the Democrats. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. But you jumped to a conclusion to give yourself a reason to be pissed off. You’ve clearly been spending too much time listening to radio talk shows.

      After reading your diatribe, I am unbelievably tired and exhausted. It’s interesting that so many (not all) Republicans, members of a party that preaches personal responsibility, constantly whine about being victims, even when the GOP has controlled both the House and the Senate for some time now. Republicans hate people who purport to be victims. So buck up.

      And stop with all the hand-wringing about the unfair media, especially when on the right you have the fear-mongering, mean-spirited likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Levine, Beck, Fox, etc., who are far from fair and balanced and enjoy making money by winding up people like you.


    • anonymous says:

      Brutus deserves better than this.


  4. Wow! Just wow! The first two comments here really say it all, don’t they? As for “See Ya,” I can only say, “wouldn’t wanna be ya.” I have to wonder just what “media” this person has been following for the last eight years. It occurs to me that what some of us want to hold republicans responsible for has to do with their obstructionism for those last eight years, and their complete and total disrespect for the man who has held the office of President for that time. As for the Oracle, I don’t think you understand the art of compromise at all! There has been no compromise in Congress and in lawmaking for a long, long time, as we have lost the benefits of a real two party system. Personally, I see nothing ahead but continuing fear driven failed policies from the so-called leadership across the nation.


    • Independent says:

      The GOP obstructed Obama just as the Democrats obstructed Bush. Both parties are to blame and I predict that rather than have the country move forward, the Democrats in congress will do everything in their power to make Trump fail. I’m sick of it all, especially our state senator and our federal congressman. How about if we tried to work together? What a concept.


  5. Jerry K says:

    The Us-versus-Them narrative is so 20th century.


  6. Judy Maddox says:

    And El Paso will be stuck out in the cold with NO representation . Who will defend Ft. Bliss if we have a cut?our super HRC delegate I’ll not have much power not that he produced much for El Paso any way but hey. ELP BOTES A STRAIGHT TICKET. You get what you vote for.

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Dan Wever says:

      Judy, I guess you do get what you vote for however our 46% Demo straight party vote was not close to Midlands 72% Republican and you have to remember that the straight Demo vote in 2008 got rid of Dee Margo who had helped to cut educational funding by almost 5 Billion dollars as a State Rep so the vote was great back then.


  7. Y Que! says:

    “We deserve better”? We got better!


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