Let me pay you to shine your shoes

Our city must be desperate.

It appears that we are going to give $5 million in tax incentives to a golf driving range company if the company will promise to invest $15.7 million and start construction this year.

The city wants them to build their driving range in the same development on the west side that our former city manager saw to it was given significant tax incentives.  Our former city chief financial officer then went to work for one of the owners of the development after the new city manager came in and saw the financial mess that the city was in.

That same former city chief financial is now over at EPISD.  You can ask many EPISD employees about her and you will find out a lot more than the newspaper has printed.

Take our money please

According to a recent article in the Times the golf company “said it was prepared to take a swing at El Paso’s market without any financial sweeteners”.

The company later retracted the statement, probably after the city asked them to cooperate.

We deserve better


9 Responses to Let me pay you to shine your shoes

  1. The Oracle says:

    I . . DO . . . realize that it’s a TRICK so that City Council will raise their rates higher than the moon very shortly, after their discounted time frame, and rob them blind.
    (That’s par for the course !)
    Hahahahahahahahahaha. . . .

    Its like buying a used car that will need Twelve Thousand Dollars in repairs within 3 months of buying it.

    It’s still unfair to the rest of us.
    The city will find a way to blow any additional revenues they get and . . . finance this city. . . . WAY into the 2100’s, and pay interest on it.

    I think cities should NOT be allowed to FINANCE ANYTHING except when there is a terrible natural disaster and HAVE to rebuild the infrastructure.


  2. Trump ain’t the only one, Annnon. Meanwhile, how long will this business last? Isn’t this a very high dollar operation? Doesn’t such an operation have a limited customer base, as in limited to a certain social-economic level? A social-economic level that is very much in the minority in El Paso, Texas?


  3. The Oracle says:

    This USED to be called. . . . A BRIBE.
    To be fair, they should give everyone the same . . .percentage. . . of discount.
    ONE person/ client / gets a discount and. . . the rest don’t.
    How discriminatory.
    What’s the point of setting Tax Rates. . . and then giving “Special Deals” to . . . . whomever they want.
    I just think it’s a bad public policy.
    It CERTAINLY is a bad business policy, if a business did that.


  4. Annon says:

    Trump would call that “Being smart.”


    • Why cry now? says:

      If you are the buyer, yes, get what you can. If someone is stupid enough to give you what you ask for when you ask for unreasonable concessions, why not? Did you say anything when they did that for Foster and Hunt? They basically got a free stadium that we have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for. I don’t see you complaining about Byrd and Ortega. That baseball stadium is sure bringing lots and lots of NEW money into El Paso. Except it isn’t bringing a dime of new money, people are watching baseball instead of going to Red Lobster.


      • Dan Wever says:

        The Democratic Liberals just do not understand how the Free Market Economic System works! 🙂


        • BS Detector says:

          That’s total partisan bulls–t. In a free market, businesses compete without government subsidies, especially when those subsidies provide an advantage over other businesses. Both Dems and Republicans have demonstrated their love of tax breaks and subsidies and anti-competitive protection for their big business donors. Two of the biggest recipients of handouts locally are two wealthy, self-proclaimed conservative Republicans who advocate pay-to-play and have bought and paid for local and state politicians including Republicans.


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