News from North Dakota

6 Responses to News from North Dakota

  1. D2V says:

    Those who protest pipelines amuse me. Pipelines are less prone to accidents that rail cars. And ancient burial grounds — that’s a scam. Indians claim every hill is an ancient burial ground. If it truly was an ancient burial ground, the archaeologists could have / would have tagged it and it would be forever protected by federal law.

    Of course water is precious. Tell me something I don’t know. Then go home and be productive. Feed the hungry, grow a vegetable garden, read to children. I am sick and tired of protesters.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the original author, water is life, that’s why people are protesting, no confidence that there will not be pipeline leaks, desecration of burial grounds, using up more fuel for this generation with no thought to future generations. That’s what’s behind the protest.


  3. Beyond the Thunderdome says:

    The writer of the letter suffers from the same delusions and misguided thinking of reporters. He thinks the protest is about himself and his fellow protestors, not the actual issue itself.

    Heroes? The word “hero” is overused these days. Heroes are overrated.

    We Don’t Need Another Hero

    Out of the ruins
    Out from the wreckage
    Can’t make the same mistake this time
    We are the children
    The last generation
    We are the ones they left behind
    And I wonder when we are ever gonna change it
    Living under the fear till nothing else remains

    We don’t need another hero
    We don’t need to know the way home
    All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome

    Looking for something we can rely on
    There’s got to be something better out there
    Love and compassion, their day is coming
    All else are castles built in the air
    And I wonder when we are ever gonna change it
    Living under the fear till nothing else remains
    All the children say

    We don’t need another hero
    We don’t need to know the way home
    All we want is life beyond the Thunderdome

    What do we do with our lives
    We leave only a mark
    Will our story shine like a life
    Or end in the dark
    Give it all or nothing


  4. And, you ain’t, either (Johnny Appleseed)! Dude, you miss the point of the protesting, if all you can talk about is government and burning wood. The point has to do with damage to the environment, especially to sources of drinking water, all along this stupid pipeline. Without water, none of the rest is possible! Sheesh!


  5. Johnny Appleseed You Ain't says:

    Nice. Burning semi-trucks full of wood has absolutely no effect on the environment. Understanding and knowingly helping criminals evade the law and commit further crimes is an admirable endeavor and a good thing to do. Everyone should pack their kids up and go there today. Nothing hypocritical in using a computer but being against energy companies. I am sure that none of the people there “protesting” have cars and that they all live “carbon-free” existences. Not sure what “using traditional methods to complement a bus” means. I guess that the bus has been converted to be pulled by oxen. “Lots of people working at something”, what are they “working at”? The lawful construction of a pipeline? Setting fires, building propane bombs, assaulting police officers? These “protestors” are largely terrorists and supporters of terrorists, and are certainly not heroes. Unless you think Fidel Castro was a hero, because if that is how you think then sure, these people are heroes. No one asked them to protest, they are not elected by any group or race of people, yet they somehow think they have the moral high ground. If they are lucky no one who is against burning semi trucks full of wood will show up and protest them.

    This blog fluctuates between ardent opponents of wasteful government and wannabe-hippies. I certainly think that government is wasteful and almost always the wrong answer for anything that ails society, but supporting anarchists and terrorists is a pretty sad alternative.


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