Experts at misleading

Our city representatives are once more calling on city staff to be more open.

So are we.

Unless some heads are knocked together we probably will continue to see  deliberate obfuscation as their modus operandi.

We deserve better


2 Responses to Experts at misleading

  1. City staff likely has a certain amount of trepidation about their jobs simply because all too often it is hard to tell who is running the candy store. This City Manager form of government has messed up too many departments that used to run very smoothly. Maybe if we had a strong Mayor, and qualified – local – department heads, things could smooth out.


  2. “Obfuscation”? Is that sort of like lie, deny, deceive, cover up, lie again?? CORRUPTION is inherent with City Council, EPISD, MOST Public Officials in El Taxo. Apparently WE don’t deserve better, because the very same crooks, who REPRESENT only themselves and what THEY can take from US, still get elected. Why is that??


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