State funding of public schools

This came in from Mr. Tim Holt:

The article explains much about the way schools are financed in Texas.

We deserve better


9 Responses to State funding of public schools

  1. anonymous says:

    Dawgie … it’s always good to blame others (versus take responsiblity for yourself). We’ll see how much Austin is to blame when your beloved EPISD leadership pisses away large amounts of the recent bond.

    I’ve already heard rumors that Coronado is getting a new football stadium. Of course ,.. it’s for the kids, right?


    • Deputy Dawg says:

      You didn’t read the article huh?


      • Anonymous says:

        The article doesn’t mean our local leadership isn’t responsible for spending of existing funds.

        You seem to miss the point. Most of the individuals who post on this site don’t object to paying for education (whether they pay taxes to the state or the district directly). They object when poor leadership misspends funds set aside for education. For example – new football stadium at Jefferson. When classroom facilities and kid’s restrooms supposedly need such attention, what could possibly justify this investment? Please answer.


        • Viva la Jeff! says:

          Maybe about 70 years of the people in the neighborhood (also taxpayers BTW) wanting a stadium?


          • Anonymous says:

            If you have broken toilets and broken down buses (as marketed during bond campaign), it seems to me that these are a greater priority than a football stadium. I’m guessing that the Jeff tax payers would understand that … unless, the broken toilets and buses were just a ruse.

            I’ll look forward to the new football stadium at Coronado. You know that is next … of course, it’s for the kids, right?


        • repeat commenter says:


          You probably missed this information a few weeks ago, but the photo of the dilapidated school bus was not an EPISD bus. EPISD and its PAC purchased that bus photo from a stock photo vendor. I even provided a link to where the photo can be purchased. If they lied and misled the public about a bus, how can they be trusted to be telling the truth about how the bond money will be spent. This bond is not for the children; it’s for the money and the real estate deals that are intertwined with the districts school closing and construction plans.


  2. Tim Holt says:

    Brutus, I just saw this. Thank you for posting.


  3. Deputy_Dawg says:

    I have always said that many of the issues, including costs of public education originate in Austin, not El Paso. It is nice to blame EPISD, YISD, SISD and others for high taxes, but the reason that the local taxes are high is because of the way the system is set up, as this article explains.
    Have an issue with high property taxes? Ask what Austin is PRODUCTIVELY doing to fix it, not simply slashing the allotment. Whenever the state cuts funding, the local tax payer has to make it up somehow, either with higher taxes or less services.
    The Republicans in Austin have been running the show for decades now, and they need to be held accountable for what they have done.


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