What about the new hotels?

I’m at a loss to find a single word that describes the continuing saga related to the potential arena site.

Maybe our readers can help, but if they do we ask that they keep it clean.

It seems that some members of city council now want the city to tear down our convention center and make it the site of the new arena.

Many separate issues come to the fore now.

Let’s start with this one:

The city and developers have been working to construct or rebuild downtown hotels that are within 1,000 feet of the convention center.  The private developers have been promised access to tax credits that are applicable to such projects if they are within 1,000 feet of a convention center.

If the city tears down the existing convention center and replaces it with an arena, what will happen to those developments?  Will we end up with a downtown/convention/arena/cultural something-or-other facility?

We deserve better


14 Responses to What about the new hotels?

  1. One more time: We do not need yet another undersized, underutilized “arena.” Why should the tax payers be hit with the cost of a very poorly conceived structure yet again? It will sit empty, and unused, but still in need of maintenance and upkeep, for months on end, all for the benefit of Mountain Star (or whoever) and some minor minor league team with rich peoples’ suites. Scrap the whole idea, and work to pay off our current debt.


    • Garcia says:

      Why should we have an arena? Because the taxpayers voted for it.


      • Sad El Pasoan says:

        I did not buy into the quality of life bonds or the baseball park. However, believers voted for the arena before they found out the baseball park was costing taxpayers too much money. Knowing what we know now, I wonder if those believers actually want higher property taxes. Most people are beginning to realize that they will not be able keep their homes if property taxes continue to rise.


  2. Webster says:

    Feel free to choose from this list



  3. Jerry K says:

    Just draw a 1000 foot raduis around Foster’s Plaza hotel and that is where it will eventually be.


    • anonymous says:

      All of this gives new meaning to the word “calculus.”

      Meanwhile, the folks at the EPISD want to do their part to help fill hotels and restaurants downtown. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the president of the board is related to the new owners of a downtown hotel. The Super and the board seem to be focused on ingratiating themselves with the downtown redevelopment power players. It will be interesting to see whose property they have decided to purchase with our dollars and at what price.


    • Garcia says:

      Jerry K: You cannot seem to comment without taking a dig a Foster. Get a life.


  4. Y Que! says:

    This city Clown-cil painted themselves into a corner. What a pathetic group of amateurs. Seriously, what made these fools experts on making these type of decisions? Aside from them posing their ugly mugs on TV espousing the typical downtown crap blah, blah, blah, these self-centered losers have no clue how to administer public projects any more than a third-grader (my apologies to all third graders). Scary…


  5. The Wizard says:



  6. Anonymous says:

    Technical question – is the 1000 ft front door to front door? Front door to toilet? hotel room to D league locker room?


  7. Gottfried Leibniz says:

    Some of EPISD board members are definitely good at calculus. A move to downtown indirectly benefits the new owners of a downtown hotel, who are directly related to the EPISD board president. I wonder which downtown hotel will be EPISD’s preferred hotel for people who come from out of town to do business with EPISD. Of course, I’m sure that never crossed anyone’s mind when they recently scrapped their original relocation plans in order to move downtown. It’s interesting when, why, and how plans change.


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