Under performing schools

This came in anonymously:

Here’s some data that EPISD must be glad came out AFTER the bond election…


And, this list will just increaseas every dollar poured into everything in the world that has nothing to actually do with learning or teaching continues apace in EPISD. Fully suspect ANYTHING that carries the buzzwords: “21st Century Learning” or “Innovation”…


The list shows 16 EPISD schools that are under performing according to the state.

  • Bassett Middle
  • Bowie HS
  • Burnet Elementary
  • Canyon Hills Middle
  • Charles Middle
  • Guillen Middle
  • Henderson Middle
  • Irvin HS
  • Lee Elementary
  • Lincoln Middle
  • Magoffin Middle
  • Morehead Middle
  • Rusk Elementary
  • Schuster Elementary
  • Stanton Elementary
  • Terrace Hills Middle

Ysleta has two.

  • Riverside Middle
  • Ysleta Middle

Socorro has two.

  • Desert Wind Elementary
  • Ernesto Serna School

We deserve better


21 Responses to Under performing schools

  1. Media is the Propaganda Arm of El Taxo ISD says:

    The real question is why is KTSM the only station that carried this story?

    Saw nothing about this in El Paso Times, KVIA, KFOX, KDBC, KINT, Telemundo, or anywhere else.



  2. Jud Burgess says:

    This is EXACTLY what I was trying to inform people about with my James No Bond FB page and public effort. $670,000,000 plus 20 mil sitting in a vault from 2007 bond. And none of it going to deal with the unique issues and problems El Paso faces educating a border population. All going to surface issues. I might just start releasing stacks of Fenenbucks and Cabreras around town again reminding people just what was not gained from this tax suckerpunch. Check out my James No Bond FB page for my continuing campaign to hold people in power across El Paso accountable. https://www.facebook.com/JamesNoEPISDBond/


  3. Augustus Snodgrass says:

    Old Gringo….This isn’t about “Bi-Lingual” Education, but nice try at painting it in racist terms. It is about what is happening in the rest of Texas and the inner city core. Poorly educated parents who don’t care about their children’s education, or are too busy working to put food on the table. This is endemic to the other “large” cities in Texas, ,and is not just an “El Paso” thing. Houston. Dallas. San Antonio.

    Is it any wonder that only 24% of Texans have a College degree. However, going back to “Bi-Lingual” Education. Studies have shown that children who speak two languages develop better cognitive abilities. Plus, when they get older, and if they’ve practiced their Spanish, they are far more attractive to business’ who value Diversity as well as the ability to speak a second language. In this age of Globalization, speaking more than just English is viewed as a Plus.

    A worldwide recognition: What do you call someone who speaks 3 languages? Trilinual. What do you call someone who speaks 2 languages? Bi-lingual. What do you call someone who only speaks English? An American.


  4. Guess that some people prefer to wait and get their “TRUTH”, the REAL story from the El Paso Times or the local TV media. The El Paso Times doesn’t do “Investigative Reporting” or write any stories that keep US informed, other than the Fiestas, Beauty Pageants or “Mr and Mrs Jones from Muleshoe, visited their daughter for Christmas”. No stories about Public Corruption within the School Districts, City Council, Commissioners or any other Public Officials. So Brutus, whoever he/she might be, is the only semblance of TRUTH or “The rest of the story” that we “stupid, ignorant peons” will ever get in El Taxo. Was the STORY about City Council people conducting SECRET, closed meetings in a hotel, written in the Times, on local TV “News”? Will the Times actually report, tell the TRUTH, concerning the folks trying to recall Niland or will they just support the POLITICIAN?? So yes, Brutus, you might consider another newspaper being published in El Taxo. One that keeps US informed, in place of the one that supports, protects, defends the POLITICIANS and multi-millionaires, who provide for them.


    • Jud Burgess says:

      The story about the secret meetings was written in the Times, in fact based on the facts of that story I filed an ethics complaint against the mayor, Tolbert, Niland, Limon and Svarzbein. http://kfoxtv.com/news/local/ethics-complaint-files-against-4-city-reps-el-paso-mayor


    • anonymous says:

      Charlie, that’s totally unfair and factually incorrect. The Times did report the closed door meeting last week and their reports have been referenced in comments on this blog over the past few days, so I guess you’re not reading the Times or this blog. The Times also did extensive investigative reporting related to EPISD over a period of years. The Times isn’t perfect, but they aren’t appreciated even when they do good reporting.

      A new newspaper? Unless someone with deep pockets wants to fund it as a non-profit, it wouldn’t be able to survive.


  5. The Wizard says:

    So I ask my kid: morehead and Lincoln underperform but Coronado, their feeder HS, is great. What’s up? He indicated a difference in teachers.


  6. EPISD parent says:

    EPISD has some truly great teachers and dedicated administrators.

    On the other side of the ledger, there’s some real dead wood.

    To improve the district, there needs to be an intense commitment to teaching and learning. New buildings provide a better environment for learning, but they don’t improve teaching. Improving teaching across a district is a long-term process that requires real investment in teacher training, recruitment, and incentives.

    Considering rhetoric from the Superintendent, I am not convinced that he even recognizes that the fundamental mission of EPISD is to teach students. He has a limited strategic vision and is most excited by football games (the coming football stadium at Coronado reflects his “educational” values). Sadly, his lack of commitment and understanding of education inhibits the good people down the district food chain who work very hard to give our students a quality education.


  7. So the bottom line is MOST of the schools in El Taxo School District are FAILING. The School Board, the Superintendent shaft the PROPERTY OWNERS, tax payers with MILLIONS$$$, BILLIONS$$$ in Bonds, DEBT and still “Juan and Suzie” can’t read, write or do math. Just too much institutional, inherent, corruption for the TAXPAYERS to survive. WE definitely need a RECOUNT on that BILLION$$$ Bond that was just passed by SOMEBODY. It’s past time for the State of Texas to “Thin the herd”. ONE and only ONE School District for El Paso County. WE can’t afford all the waste, tax, spend, tax some more like El Taxo City, County puts on US.


  8. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Ain’t that a crock of $hit! Why do schools ‘underperform’? They ain’t but 2 real reasons. Either the kids are dumb as hell or the teachers suck! Oh, wasn’t ‘bi-lingual education’ supposed to solve all the school problems???


  9. Dig a little deeper says:

    Data without background can be misleading. Here is more information about that list including how a school gets on it, how a school gets off it, the categories that put a school on it, as well as a link to every single school in the state of Texas on the list.


  10. Joe Doe says:

    I wonder if Brutus owns this page, he seems to be the only writing on it. He sounds like a person in need of attention. Negativity always draws attention. I have to feel sorry for you Brutus, as you don’t seem to have any positive things going your way. Hope your life turns around and you get happy when you see others fail; seems to me that’s the only thing that can bring happiness to your life.


    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome back, Deputy Dawg … err Tim …

      When a community has institutions with weak leadership, like EPISD, it’s vital to have a venue for dissent and constructive criticism. Our local newspapers don’t provide that independent voice.

      I commend Brutus for offering this blog.


    • Juana says:

      Brutus is the blogger. He brings up a topic (whether you like it or not) and readers are free to comment. What about that is so hard to understand?
      And, BTW, you yourself sound pretty bitter.


    • Sad El Pasoan says:

      Brutus is informing us about the negativity accomplished by EPISD. Does that make him a negative and unhappy person?


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