Children second

Well it appears that the downtown cabal has won another one.

EPISD had to submit its most recent plan to vacate the city owned facilities that EPISD uses for its central office to the city’s director of aviation.

From the plan:

It should be noted that the 2015 Implementation Plan focused on the idea that the new administration offices be in Northeast El Paso.  Subsequent to the EPISD submitting the 2015 Implementation Plan, the Board of Trustees, in an effort to contribute to the revitalization of the city’s downtown, revisited this approach and examined the opportunity of relocating the administration office to downtown El Paso.

They evidently have so much of our money that to “contribute to the revitalization of the city’s downtown” is more important than locating the administrative offices to a place that makes most sense from an operating expense, efficiency, and capital cost perspective.

In other words, “children second”.

Done deal

Further from the plan:

On December 20, 2016 the EPISD Board of Trustees selected a parcel in downtown El Paso to relocate the administrative office.

We deserve better


11 Responses to Children second

  1. Juana says:

    Actually they should be downtown. That is the center of their district. The majority of the schools are on the west side of the mountain. Downtown is close to their south of the freeway schools and not inconvenient to either the west or the northeast.


    • Anonymous says:

      The district offices can be in the center of town, without being downtown. Being downtown is much more expensive. Parking alone will cost the district significantly. Funds used on a downtown location are funds that cannot be utilized for the district’s mission – teaching our youth.


  2. Gottfried Liebniz says:

    Some of EPISD board members are definitely good at calculus. A move to downtown indirectly benefits the new owners of a downtown hotel, who are directly related to the EPISD board president. I wonder which downtown hotel will be EPISD’s preferred hotel for people who come from out of town to do business with EPISD. Of course, I’m sure that never crossed anyone’s mind when they recently scrapped their original relocation plans in order to move downtown. It’s interesting when, why, and how plans change.


    • Exactly. Just like John Cook, Byrd, Niland, Wilson, others and Foster, Mountain Star Sports and the Foster ball field. THEY made deals, were paid off, received campaign “Donations”, FORCED the taxpayers to pay for it and then LIED to US about it all.. And it will all continue until the FBI or the State comes into El Taxo and opens even more Public Corruption cases. Because the local “Authorities” don’t see any of it. During my 25 years here, I have trusted ONE political representative. The Late Dan Haggerty. The rest are, have been in the El Taxo Society of Corruption and will do whatever THEY can get away with. No ETHICS, INTEGRITY, HONOR.


  3. Jud Burgess says:

    Guess who will be paying for their DWNTWN parking fees…
    When the EPISD superintendent is a real estate lawyer with only 2 years experience teaching grade school, well, you know what the focus is going to be. Consolidating buildings, renovating buildings, selling buildings. Nothing going to actually raising the quality of education for El Paso’s school children. When Trump’s Education pick DeVos get’s rolling, EPISD can expect another huge exodus of students heading out to private and charter schools, along with the federal funds that accompany them. Disaster ahead for everyone.


    • Realiy Checker says:

      You are wrong on one key thing. Cabrera was not a real estate lawyer. However, I won’t be surprised if his next move is into real estate.


  4. Anything that the politicos, the “El Taxo Society of Corruption” can do to the PEOPLE to continue to waste, tax, spend, tax some more, they will do. WE, “the stupid, ignorant peons” of El Taxo have NO chance against this El Taxo politico cartel. WE don’t get OPINIONS, WE don’t get a VOTE, WE don’t get a “Secret meeting”. WE just get taxed MORE to pay for what the POLITICIANS, Public Officials want so that THEY can line their pockets with personal “deals”, take whatever they want from US. THEY don’t want anything that is already available, a building already located. THEY want NEW at a cost to US of MILLIONS$$$$.


  5. JerryK says:

    The Gas Building. isn’t it owned by Foster? They could pull a Luther Building: Foster donates it to EPISD and then Jordan-Foster remodels it for EPISD. He wins twice but we only pay once. Ms. Fuzzy Math can do the numbers for us.

    I also agree it should be downtown.


  6. Benevelous says:

    Anyone who ever harbored a thought that EPISD will put the education of our children first is just a fool. It’s about the flow of money.

    District of Innovation? Just a scheme to all them to increase class sizes and get rid of teachers and other personnel.

    Consolidation into K-8 schools? Same notion.

    The time is now for the spending of HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars I ways that will not affect the actual education of children in any real way.

    The people who voted yes to the Bond are each personally to blame for the spending orgy of idiocy we are about to witness…

    And, the test scores will be the same… The drop out rate will be the same… The number of students will continue to drop… And the public trust will continue to be abused…

    Mark my words… 5 years from now, all will be the same (except for all the shiny new buildings and the extra Superintendent awards)…


  7. Y Que! says:

    The old brothel home on Overland street also quaintly known as “The Mansion” is probably available.


  8. Annonymous says:

    The plan is to take over the “Tap”


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