Deja vu?

We are hearing more and more frequently that EPISD teachers and administrators are working in an environment where they feel that speaking up for what they feel is right will result in punishment and/or termination.

Also disturbing are reports from business and community leaders that the EPISD superintendent is an educational light-weight and that he does not think out his ideas.

Wasn’t it this kind of environment that led to the “cheating” scandal?

We deserve better



15 Responses to Deja vu?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rumor has it tomorrow will be another shake up in EPISD.


    • Benevelous says:

      Like I said… Buckle up people… It’s at the point now where it is pure pathological. They cannot help themselves.

      They are like a drug addict that just won the lottery.


  2. Y Que! says:

    Cabrera and Fenenbock are bringing not but pain and destruction to our corner of this world and they hand out this pain and misery with their handshakes everyday. They are not righteous human beings.


  3. damaged goods says:

    district of innovation status will create no innovation, just constipation and deprivation


  4. Chico says:

    Brutus, you must not have read Dori’s quote in last week’s El Paso Inc. She said, “many people forget that both of Juan Cabrera’s parents were educators.” Pay attention, he’s more qualified than you realize.


    • Get Real says:

      I hope your comment was meant as joke. If both my parents worked in hospitals that doesn’t make me qualified to be a brain surgeon. If both my parents were teachers, that doesn’t qualify me to teach, much less be a superintindent.


      • Chico says:

        Get real … relax, my friend.

        One of my parents was an educator … so I’m only half qualified to be superintendent.

        I thought Dori’s comment was a joke. Parents’ professions don’t have anything to do with one’s qualifications to be superintendent of a large school district. That she made the comment demonstrates that even she knows, somewhere deep inside, that his qualifications to lead the school district are negligible.


  5. Benevelous says:

    I wish I could be sorry about saying, “I told you so…” But, I’m not sorry about it in the least. The orgy of spending has begun!

    AND… If you think it’s wonky now… Buckle up, people! The ride is not even up to speed yet!

    Prediction time:

    1. Over the course of just the next year, I’d bet real money that we will see the hiring of at least 5 – 6 brand new upper level administrators with job titles engineered to keep you from knowing what they actually do for a living (and who knows how many associated staff members to go with them), We’re talking Director level and above here…

    2. There will be at least two substantive reorganizations of staff and departments at the Ed Center, Boeing. (Probably more like 3 or 4).

    3. We will see the death of 2 – 3 expensive programs or systems currently in use and the purchase of 3 – 4 brand shiny new ones to replace them (to the tune of $$$ Millions!). These new programs will do THE EXACT SAME THING AS THE OLD ONES, by the way…

    Just change for the sake of change (not for an actual reason).

    4. We will see at least 5 upper level administrators and perhaps 5 campus admins retire or leave the district (the good few bailing so as to escape the next inevitable FBI play date with EPISD), leaving the creepers more fully in charge of things.

    5. We will see ZERO change in student performance.

    6. We will see ZERO change in the quality of student learning.

    7. We will see a marked REDUCTION in what our students are actually learning as teaching becomes more like “facilitating” or “coaching” or “active’ or whatever the new buzz word name for it will be this next school year.

    8. We will see a noticeable REDUCTION in what our students are actually learning as the education system becomes more about the toys they are buying for the classroom and less about the content the teachers are imparting to the students.

    9. We will see a LOT of self congratulations among admins and on campus as students are traipsed in front of the cameras and blasted about the internet showing all the cool and fun programs and toys they are getting to play with; but, the actual content they are learning and how it is actually better than what they were learning before will be curiously missing in the story…

    Oh, and at least one new Superintendent award in there somewhere…

    10. We will see a whole lot of displacement of students and personnel as schools are demolished and new schools are begun; and, all of this will be carefully engineered so as to hide the reductions in personnel and the massive increases in class sizes (all part of the “District of Innovation” scheme to get rid of unwanted teachers and others).

    11. We will see the reduction of the population in EPISD schools continue as people flee the district in the hopes of placing their children in a school district that actually gives a damn about educating children instead of playing God with the fate of a generation of kids.

    There’s more (there always is when evil has its way). But, what is the point.

    They say that a people always get the leadership and government they deserve. The people in the EPISD district actually voted to give these people a nearly blank check to play out their wildest social and technological experimental fantasies with the lives of our children.

    So, enjoy the ride people! We’re paying for it.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Heard from another Coronodo faculty that they’ve been told that the school is getting a new football field. If true, this is an extreme outrage. I thought we were paying to improve the learning environment … not Cabrera’s football fantasies.


    • See the PROBLEM is that SOME voters, SOME homeowners, SOME taxpayers just gave these people almost a BILLION$$$ slush fund.. They will spend it, waste it, pocket it, spread it around however THEY want and NOTHING WE can do about it. Maybe just wait until the FBI comes back in with more investigations, indictments? The local “Authorities” will certainly never see, find, prosecute any criminal activity. Lorenzo Garcia, ALL the others depended on that.


  7. Exactly, Brutus. How many people, Assistants, Assistants to the Assistants, Secretaries, Administrators knew about the CRIMINAL activities of Lorenzo Garcia and OTHERS and did NOTHING? “Go along, get along”, “See no evil, hear no evil”. These attitudes among politicians, Public Officials in El Taxo, simply supports, encourages the Society of Corruption that thrives here. How many people can be bought, how much SILENCE with the almost BILLION$$$ slush fund that SOME voters, SOME home owners decided to stuff in the pockets at EPISD??


  8. Jana Taxpayer says:

    Have you heard the latest? All girl school is looking to take over an existing school, it will cost a cool 8 million to remodel, was that in the bond? Not to mention that the new principal has ZERO school administrative experience, but she is in the cool kid club. Did the oversight committee approve this massive remodeling? What about all the other schools that are in desperate need of repair. We deserve better Brutus!


    • Dan Wever says:

      But just think of the money saved by not having to install urinals in the bathrooms. Unless of course uh, better not go there! 🙂


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