Less pomp?

We’ve never been to a presidential inauguration but from what we can see it is not something that the common man is usually invited to.

We would hope that with the promise to “clean house” the new group might keep things simple and short.

We deserve better


13 Responses to Less pomp?

  1. Max Higgs says:

    I doubt that a guy who lives in a gold penthouse in a building with his name on it is one to keep things simple and short. I won’t know because I am not watching, It appears thus far that the humanoid who would “drain the swamp” is stocking it with more loathsome creatures than previously inhabited it.


    • abandon hope says:

      I do not like Hilary Clinton but if she had been elected I would have had more respect the office of the president than you show. This type of behavior set a bad example for those who follow.

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      • independent just now says:

        Agree. Am so tired of the hate coming from the left. I used to think I was “left” but have abandoned that thought as I don’t want to be connected to the venom spewing from that direction.

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      • desertratjim says:

        I agree. I had a judge tell me Monday she refuses to watch Trump’s inauguration because he is not her President. Very pathetic what our Liberals are spewing from their mouths from people who should know better. I’m sick of liberal BS! What they don’t seem to understand is that they are reinforcing the Conservative movement and ruining their chances in 2018 and 2020.


        • D2V says:

          What they are also doing is writing the next GOP play book. The right wingers will follow suit and “not watch” the next demo inaugurated. The GOP would not approve some of Obama’s judges so now the dems are not going to approve Trump’s. Like a bunch of kids in a sandbox. All those left wing Trump haters should grow up and be part of stopping the hate and division. Be part of the solution, not the problem. And that goes for the right wing nut jobs, too.


  2. Disgusted says:

    If they keep it simple as they say they will, what they will do with the rest of the nearly $100 million they raised from corporations and private individuals to fund a one-day event? If their intent was to keep it cheap and cheerful, why take all that money from special interests. I wonder which individuals and entities will be the beneficiaries of the spending and the surplus.


  3. Haiduc says:

    Celebration of the peaceful transition of power…not political.


  4. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Well $hit, HilLIARy & BJ are attending! Ya’ll know it has to be a big blow-out with lots of freebies ta get them to go!!!


  5. Disgusted says:

    The president-elect isn’t even in office yet and corporations are already throwing records amount of money at the new regime to curry favor. Chevron has given $500,000 for the inauguration festivities. Boeing, after being attacked by the president-elect, felt compelled to pledge $1 million for his coronation. One global casino owner has given more than a million.

    Washington is still all about money, influence, power and special favors. The raising of $100 million for an inauguration doesn’t suggest that is about to change.

    With nearly $100 million raised, the inauguration planners gave one of Trump’s ex-wives and one daughter a budget of ONLY $300 for hair and make-up for the big day, so they asked the stylist for a discount in exchange for free publicity. Such class.


  6. Rumor has it that PEOTUS Trump will be tweeting his inagural speech – short, sweet, and less than 140 characters!

    We can always hope….


  7. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Hey, disgusted-remember this from Obummer’s ???

    Barack Obama today sent an e-mail to supporters asking for donations to help pay for his presidential inauguration.

    “I know we’ve asked a lot of you,” Obama acknowledges in the e-mail, a reference to his unprecedented fundraising efforts during his presidential campaign.

    “Just like we did on the campaign, we’re relying entirely on supporters like you — ordinary people giving whatever they can afford to make [the inauguration] an event for all Americans,” the e-mail says.

    Mr. Obama – who signs off with his first name in the e-mail – writes that new contributions are needed because his team is organizing the “most open and accessible inauguration in our nation’s history” without the help of lobbyists or big corporations.

    Click Here For All Of CBSNews.com’s Special Inauguration Coverage

    Mr. Obama has already taken in about $27 million for the inauguration; “much of it with single checks of $25,000 or $50,000 from executives from Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Hollywood as well as from former supporters of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton,” the New York Times reports. Donors thus far include Steven Spielberg, George Soros and Halle Berry.

    According to NPR, the inaugural committee and transition project together need $50 million, however, and are now facing potential budget shortfalls.

    “The inaugural committee pays for the official inaugural festivities: the lavish balls, the jumbo video screens on the National Mall, most of the parade activities and almost everything else except the swearing-in ceremony itself,” writes NPR. “The transition project finances the grunt work of the new administration, ranging from recommending appointees to assessing the condition of agencies.”

    In the e-mail, Mr. Obama uses an age-old tactic to encourage donations: He offers a prize.

    “And if you make a donation of any amount before midnight tonight, you could be selected to come to Washington, D.C., and be part of the welcome ceremony, the swearing in, the Inaugural Parade, and the Inaugural Community Ball,” he writes. Full e-mail below.

    On January 20th, our journey to bring change will officially begin.

    We’re organizing the most open and accessible inauguration in our nation’s history. And we’re doing it without contributions from Washington lobbyists or big corporations.

    Just like we did on the campaign, we’re relying entirely on supporters like you — ordinary people giving whatever they can afford to make this an event for all Americans.

    I know we’ve asked a lot of you. But changing the way business is done in Washington will take a commitment from all of us. Right now, you can help give this administration a strong start.

    And if you make a donation of any amount before midnight tonight, you could be selected to come to Washington, D.C., and be part of the welcome ceremony, the swearing in, the Inaugural Parade, and the Inaugural Community Ball.

    Make a donation of $5 or more and be part of the historic moment you made possible.

    We have a long road ahead of us, and we’re going to face some major challenges as soon as we start. But I know I can count on you every step of the way.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done and happy New Year,


    P.S. — You could be there for this historic moment even if you cannot make a donation. You can show your support by sharing what this Inauguration means to you. Learn more here:

    © 2009 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.


    • Disgusted says:

      Old White Guy,

      I never said Obama or past presidents did not sell access in the form of inauguration donations. I said Washington is “still about the money,” etc., meaning that nothing is going to be different. “Still” means it’s been that way prior to Trump.

      The one thing that is different this go around is that Trump has raised about double the amount of money raised for each of the last two inaugurations, which were previously record amounts, but his team says this one will be cheaper and more low key. If that’s the case, why do they need to take all these buckets of corporate money which require IOU’s.

      My comment was non-partisan and anti-Washington politics. Your response was purely a partisan, anti-Obama rant. Get over it.


  8. Tickedofftaxpayer says:

    Money left over from inauguration donations is donated to charity. If the team brings it in under budget as they’ve stated, some charitable organizations will see the rest.


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