EPISD goal setting

Isn’t it sad that the goals the EPISD board evidently set for the superintendent they hired in 2013 were a “balanced budget, finances and last fall’s passage of the $668.7 million bond issue”?

Many of us might have hoped that the school board would have given the superintendent the goal of improving the education of our children.

The school board president now tells us that “the district will be ‘laser-focused’ on students to improve scores, increase enrollment in college, the military or vocational certification and making sure that students are literate in two or more languages”.

Defining the term

Traditional dictionaries like Websters don’t seem to have gotten around to defining “laser-focused” so we rely here on urbandictionary.com.  According to them the term means:

Intensely paying attention to a single object, concept, person, or activity to the exclusion of everything else.

Which is it?

So now which way will it be?  Will the district finally ask the superintendent to pay attention to the education of our children or will he be asked to spend our bond funds the way the moneyed interests want the money spent?

We deserve better


20 Responses to EPISD goal setting

  1. Melissa says:

    When talking about goals, we should also talk about their move. Back when the Board of Mangers were in charge, EPISD moving to the Northeast was fine. As soon as Foster’s Friends took over, suddenly moving to land already owned by the district was not cost effective? Really? And their presentation stated that it was due to increased transportation costs? If their transportation department is moving to Bowie, how is central moving to the Northeast increasing transportation costs? Instead, there is plenty of room for parking, businesses close enough for the employees to eat at, businesses that don’t close early so employees can shop at, and it’s easy to get to thanks to 375. No, the only person that loses out by their moving to the Northeast is Foster. Maybe this is why the drug their feet for so long. So that they can claim there’s no time to build, instead they just have to use a Foster building. Sad.

    In other news, can anyone confirm or deny the rumors that King C is a drunk and that he’s having an affair with Queen D? It would help explain why he’s never at central, why he needs such a large phone allowance, and why she keeps giving him large raises to keep him in town.

    All of this makes one wonder if we weren’t better off under the Board of Managers, or even Garcia!


  2. anonymous says:

    Priorities depend on who is talking, to whom they are talking, when they are talking, and what they are trying to justify.

    Here was Fenenbock’s perspective regarding priorities yesterday when she responded to teacher complaints about the size of Cabrera’s raise.

    “We are now set to turn our attention to teacher compensation; the time is now to evaluate our superintendent.”

    “We are evaluating teacher compensation. We are looking at not only base salary, but also priorities such as class scheduling and student loads.”

    Priorities are clear. Administrators first, teachers last.

    Teachers will be delighted to learn that class scheduling and student loads are part of their compensation.


    • Benevelous says:

      From the perspective of the Board and the Superintendent (and his upper admins), the very fact that these teachers (and everyone else in the District) are allowed to remain employed at all is reason enough for them to be Grateful… And Compliant… And Silent with regards to criticisms of those who are above them” in the district.

      Everyone who has had the “honor” of meeting and working directly with these people face to face knows this about them.

      Though they will never admit to this aloud for fear of their career being ended in nano seconds – Thus my nom de guerre below…


  3. Benevelous says:

    As I have said before… It is all about the money. The regular Joes at EPISD, you know… the ones actually educating the children, got crap for raises this year (1.5 – 3% depending on job). Yet, this one person gets a 15% raise ($40+ grand… The same amount of money that a teacher gets in their entire salary!!!). He doesn’t give a damn about the “little people” of the district. And, he most certainly doesn’t care about the education of children… You only ever see him on Television. He’s not a REAL superintendent… He just plays one on TV.

    Is he at the campuses? No. Is he even around the Ed Center patting the backs of the “Troops”? Hell no. In fact, when he does happen to grace the Ed Center with his presence, it is never felt because he and all of the ‘inner circle’ are locked away in their little fortified part of the building…

    You do see the inner circle types once in a while. That is, they come out of hiding whenever there is a major organizational change in the departments at the Ed Center (which is around once every few months or so). Last one was just this last Monday!

    Brutus is right… We DESERVE Better!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I’d pay him 43K to go away. That would be money well spent on our children.


  5. Max Higgs says:

    We see a lot of people transferring skills in El Paso. The former city manager is now at Workforce. Her financial lady is now at EPISD. Mr. Margo who gets credit for the Cabrera hire is now applying for the job of Mayor of El Paso. Maybe Mr. Margo can find someone worthy of a big raise to work at the city if he gets elected. With an eye for talent like this, perhaps you should vote Margo for Mayor.


    • abandon hope says:



        • abandon hope says:

          It’s accurate to say that the current EPISD trustees — Bob Geske, Al Velarde, Susie Byrd, Diane Dye, Chuck Taylor, Trent Hatch and Dori Fenenbock — gave Cabrera the huge raise. What did Margo have to do with the raise?


          • Chico says:

            Margo is the one who was in charge of the interim board that selected Cabrera, who BTW lacked Superintendant credentialing and any experiencing leading any kind of educational institution when hired.

            … but he did have two parents who were educators … key criteria for any superintendent.


    • sunny says:

      Not to mention Gallinar, the “smart growth” planing guy from the city who was made the chair of the facilities committee by Cabrera (no vote, just a pronouncement), followed by a job, especially creator for him.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Why did he receive a $45,000+ raise when they won’t give the people that do all the work a raise? Why does he get a $1200/month phone stipend? I have unlimited text/talk/data for $100 a month! And why does he need a $1500/month car stipend? You hardly ever see his car at the EPISD HQ. Is he driving to all of the campuses? I don’t think so.


  7. Old Gringo Guy says:

    Hey, all that ‘laser focus’ is just an early sales pitch for the next bond issue -‘for the children’ and all that. Passing the last one got the super a $43,000.00 raise!


  8. Chico says:

    I’d like the district to be laser focused on learning … not test scores.Kids need to learn, not meet metrics that appear to represent learning.

    It doesn’t appear that the President understands the purpose of the school district.


  9. Annon says:

    Lorenzo Garcia was laser focused on improving student scores.


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