Jud Burgess

Another voice has joined the blogosphere here in El Paso.

Jud Burgess can be followed at  https://www.facebook.com/JamesNoEPISDBond

Mr. Burgess filed an ethics complaint against members of city council because of their recent serial meeting.


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  1. Jud Burgess says:

    Brutus…tomorrow I will be filing 2 ethics complaints against City Attorney Sylvia Borunda-Firth because of her failures to take proper action regarding my ethics complaint against the mayor and 4 city council members. News at 11. The irony is that as City Attorney, she will have to make a decision as to what action to take on ethics complaints filed against her. You are absolutely right…we deserve better.


    • Dan Wever says:

      Hang in there Jud, I wish you would run for some office that might give you a little help in trying to fix things. Here is my effort this Sunday.

      What makes this even worse is that the Superintendent gets raises every year. He has in his contract that he will receive the same percentage raise that the teachers get for that year. In the 3 years where this contract item has been applied the pay rate for teachers has increased 6.4 percent. The teacher’s dollar amount for this 6.4% is around $3,700. The superintendent’s 6.4 percent is a nice $18,326. The teacher example was a math teacher with a Masters degree and 27 years service this year.
      In February of 2016, the superintendent was given an extra 5 sick days for 2014-2015 and an extra 10 sick days for 2015-2016 which totalled 15 and 20 days for those years. In the EPISD you can carry over to next years sick days but the 20 days he is allowed for vacation has to be used in the current year and if you don’t you are paid your daily salary for the days you don’t take.
      The main problem with this contract amendment is that it is illegal and breaks the law. The constitution of Texas Article III, section 53 says transactions such as this are not permitted and has been upheld by all AG’s since the Alamo.:) Contract language cannot override the Constitution of Texas. I wonder when his new raise is scheduled to begin because it also would be against the law if put into effect right away. Also, I wonder if the trustees give the teachers a raise will he also get their same percentage as in the past? It would not surprise me.
      I am not a lawyer but Mr. Safi trained all board members to know and understand this Article and Section of the Constitution.


      • Dan Wever says:

        Here is the law:Article III, section 53 of the Texas Constitution states: The Legislature shall have no power to grant, or to authorize any county or municipal authority to grant, any extra compensation, fee or allowance to a public officer, agent, servant or contractor, after service has been rendered, or a contract has been entered into, and performed in whole or in part .


        • Dan Wever says:

          In my opinion, the board of trustees wanted to give their Superintendent some more money but they did not want to just before the large bond issue as they knew it would probably make the public mad. So they gave him extra sick days that he could cash in in July by substituting the sick days for vacation days and then cashing in the Vacation days. Of course, we all know that no clerk would use sick days to substitute for vacation days I wonder what he was paid last July for unused Vacation days Come on El Paso Times get on the ball.


      • Dan Wever says:

        Correction on years above for extra sick days.

        was given an extra 5 sick days for 2015-2016 and an extra 10 sick days for 2016-2017



  2. Y Que! says:

    Jud, you seriously think any justice will come out of your complaints? Dream on. Keep on tilting those windmills.


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