District attorney takes action

Well it seems that our local district attorney has stepped up to the plate.

It would appear that some members of city council may have violated the Texas Open Meetings Act.

A violation could be punished by a fine of between $100 and $500, or confinement in the county jail for not less than one month or more than six months, or both the fine and the confinement.

If a citizen wants to report a crime here in El Paso they would normally report it to either the police department or the sheriff’s office.  The law enforcement agency would then take it to the district attorney if they feel prosecution is warranted.  The district attorney would then accept or decline the case.

The chief of police works for the city manager.  The city manager works for city council.  If either the city manager or police chief were to file charges a difficult political situation would exist between them and their bosses on city council.

We can’t see an excuse for the sheriff’s lack of action.

The district attorney has asked our Texas Rangers to investigate the actions of some of our city council members.  This is probably a smart way to handle the situation.

Look for this to become a big issue.

We deserve better


5 Responses to District attorney takes action

  1. D2V says:

    To top it all off, they came up with a solution that any sensible person would have rejected at the onset. Build on top of the convention center? Inside the convention center? And, seemingly, they had no understanding of the law that would allow them to get tax rebates from the state. Even if you forget the failed ethics, you cannot ignore the total lack of common sense.


  2. abandon hope says:

    In addition to the complications that ManintheMoom mentions, the Texas Rangers, who are investigating, are still working on the two alleged violations that Tolbert (ironic, isn’t it?) filed 15 months ago. The Rangers are still working on the first of those, have yet to get to second. So it’s possible they won’t even get to this case for at least a year.


  3. ManintheMoon says:

    Believe you are wrong on this one the D.A. knows nothing is going to be done. Just like the investigation he asked the Texas Rangers to do over Wilson and the bonds. Crickets! Even in his interview with the El Paso Times he did not mention this investigation. Wonder why? Here is the facts these investigations should be done by your local law enforcement, the main one being the county Sheriff. This is a tactic to cover Wiles ass nothing more and to make sure nothing gets done. Sorry El Paso once again Jaime Esparza is playing you people “again” like a harp from hell and you are falling for it. Also Jaime Esparza knows give it a few days or weeks at best and most in El Paso will have forgotten about it and ” will have moved on”.
    Now where did we hear that one before? ?????????! Oh that’s right the CC and the Mayor of El Paso over the Wilson bond issue and the more the 20 million dollars plus it cost the tax payers of El Paso! Sorry the people of El Paso have the long term memory of a gnat on such issues because it’s excepted and expected that nothing will be done. On aside note we do wish we were wrong on this!


    • Y Que! says:

      Unless the US District Attorney’s office gets involved, nothing will be done. Justice will not be served.


      • ManintheMoon says:

        All we will see is what Esparaza has always done for such complaints sit on the complaint or complaints until the statue of limitation runs out on them where they cannot be prosecuted. This protection by Esparaza is why the elected and appointed officials in El Paso have no fear of prosecution and do what ever they want and to hell with the law they are no more than a nuisance to them.


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