Rubber stamp? or stamped out?

The EPISD board promised us that there would be a citizen based bond advisory board to oversee the spending of the bond funds.

The district board recently approved the bond advisory board’s charter.  You can download it here :  episdbondadvisoryboard39936866

Neutered before they began

The group has been named the Citizens’ Bond Advisory Committee (CBAC).

The superintendent is evidently too busy to deal with the CBAC so he has delegated the “Deputy of Finance and Operations (DFO)” to deal with the group.

From the charter:

The Trustees retain sole authority to disband the CBAC.

…the Chair shall consult with the DFO to establish a meeting schedule for the CBAC

The Chair shall consult with the DFO to establish agendas for each CBAC meeting.

Coordinate with the DFO to visit District facilities and grounds …

The DFO, through the Superintendent’s Board of Trustees Weekly Update process, shall provide periodic status reports on the CBAC’s work.

Any reports prepared by the CBAC shall be provided to the Superintendent.

So the CBAC will meet when the DFO says so, shall consider items that the DFO approves, get the DFO’s permission to visit projects, report to the school board through the DFO, and run reports through the Superintendent.

Who is this DFO?

None other than our former city chief financial officer.

We deserve better


4 Responses to Rubber stamp? or stamped out?

  1. Y Que! says:

    Why the feds haven’t been involved in this conspiracy is beyond me. Maybe the Trump Justice Department will have a different policy and vigorously investigate these type of schemes. In his inaugural address, President Trump alluded to the educational system being awash in money yet not serving the needs of the students. I hope this is a call to action by his administration to stop and vigorously prosecute these hideous practices and conspiracies that seem to be prevalent in our community.


    • Benevelous says:

      We can only hope… The FBI operates under two un-written and highly publicly denied Rules of Engagement… They never deal with cases that involve theft or graft under a certain amount of money (hundreds of thousands to millions). And the NEVER take on a case publicly where they might lose. EVER. If there is any “iffy-ness” to getting a conviction, they will bail and leave it to the locals.

      This is why after they bagged Dr. Garcia, their investigation pretty much dried up (they got a few more of the higher profile baddys as well, of course… But, they dropped the real active investigating rather quickly). This explains why so many of the people involved in his scams are still creeping around the district and in other education jobs elsewhere…

      However, the new batch at the top of EPISD have just gotten themselves embroiled in a scheme that is involving nearly 3/4 of a $billion! You can bet the farm that the FBI (and others) are moving their radar dishes toward EPISD in a huge way…

      The only problem is the second part of their rules of engagement… They won’t move until they are certain of huge public victory. So, it will be years and a whole generation of kids squished through the system having learned next to nothing before anything is actually done to these people. Apparently damage to our children’s future is not something the FBI cares about.

      But, then again, perhaps the new administration might change that mode of FBI operation. Who knows?

      Will there be a push to investigate the crazy rampant waste in EPISD and soooo many other districts around the country? It will be very interesting to see what happens in that regard…


  2. My2Cents says:

    More of the same, all that mattered was that they get their hands in our pocketbooks. No Accountability.


  3. anon says:

    Cabrera sold the bonds to the public and has collected his sales commission, so no need to bother with the post-sale details.


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