Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers investigating the situation with some of our city council members have their hands tied in some ways.

Based on the text messages and videos relating to the incidents,  it appears that some of our city council members both violated the Texas Open Meetings Act and intended to.  Unless other evidence surfaces, it will be hard to conclude anything else.

Conspiring to circumvent the act is a crime.

Meeting in violation of the act is another crime.

Respecting standards

If the rangers find no violation of the law they will be encouraging elected officials statewide to do what our local people have done.

That would be a giant step backward in our efforts to shine light on governmental actions.

Wheels of justice

It would appear that it will take time for the rangers to investigate and make their recommendations.  If prosecution is recommended it will be several months before trials occur.  Some of the city council members will no longer be in office.

We might expect to see some resignations in exchange for being let go.

We might also see some citizen led recall efforts.

If nothing else we should expect this to be a major issue in the upcoming election.

We deserve better


3 Responses to Texas Rangers

  1. JerryK says:

    The Rangers have a long and colorful history. Don’t you call them in when someone needs to get shot?


  2. M.T. Cicero says:

    The old “Diversion and Delay Ploy” will be utilized by DA. Diversion: Go after the a real bad, bad volunteer group like the Historical Commission. This is perfect since the public will be confused as which city group broke the rules. Prosecute them to the fullest. Then Delay: like when Ms Lilly had her scuffle with the employee of the Tree department. Wait until she’d out of office, then wait a few more years and presto, it’s gone away. Hopefully she and her faithful companion will avoid the Mayor and further notoriety.


    • anonymous says:

      You make a good point. We live in a world of selective prosecution. It will be interesting to see if law enforcement goes after the Historical Commission, but not the mayor and city reps. Considering the influence that local special interests wield in Austin, law enforcement might focus on those who are considered the biggest impediment to downtown development. People considered pro-development might get a free pass if they have been feigning personal opposition to the Duranguito site for political reasons. One particular city rep comes to mind.


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