Condemned for doing what they want

Our situation gets “curiouser and curiouser”.

USA TODAY wants us to know that the current supreme court nominee is “pro gun”.  You should be able to read their condemnation here.

Their proof?

Evidently the justice heard a case in 2012 where a convicted felon was accused of violating the terms of an earlier guilty plea that banned him from possessing firearms.

The justice agreed that the lower court had interpreted prior rulings correctly and refused to reverse the conviction.

He voted to affirm the conviction thus sending the felon to jail for possession of a firearm.

Pro gun?

How does that make the justice  “pro gun”?  Well, he wrote in his opinion that he personally thought that the government had not been held to the congressionally specified burden of proof.  However he felt it was his duty to uphold prior circuit court rulings.

His duty

It seems that we have a justice that had a personal opinion that was different from what prior courts had ruled.  He felt it was his duty to follow the decisions of prior majorities.

In our book that makes him a justice that enforces the law instead of making up his own.

Isn’t that what we want from our supreme court?

And since when has being “pro gun” bad?  Don’t we have a second amendment?

We deserve better



One Response to Condemned for doing what they want

  1. JerryK says:

    My Canadian friends ask me why we Americans are so obsessed with gun rights. I tell them it is because Americans don’t trust their government and never have. Obama and Hillary didn’t get that.


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