EPISD lags behind other local school districts

If you take the Texas Education Agency’s recent A-F ratings of our schools and convert the letter grades to a four point average, this is our local school districts did:


We deserve better



7 Responses to EPISD lags behind other local school districts

  1. Movin' on Up to the Deluxe Apartment in the Sky says:

    Hey looks like an EPISD Special Board Meeting will happen on February 7 at 11 am of course so no one can be there. Agenda item 5 is Discuss and Take Appropriate Action on Acquisition of Real Property for District Use for relocation of Education Center Administration office… wonder which Downtown Building they are going to buy or if it will be Eminent Domain and part of Chihuahuita area.



  2. My2Cents says:

    EPISD should study the organizational structure and operation of the other 2 districts.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh Shit!! Here’s next years bond issue already. You know the only way to fix this is to throw more money at it (and give the super another OBSENE pay raise!


  4. EPISD Lags says:

    Maybe they could hire a few more consultants to guide them in obtaining higher scores.


  5. Chico says:

    It’s the Republicans fault. Right, DD?


  6. Benevelous says:


    But, MOST IMPORTANTLY… This will be substantively unchanged in a year and two years and three years from now…


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