Our county commissioners have reconstituted the county  historical commission.

According to the county judge the action has nothing to do with the opinions of the ousted members but instead has to do with perceived violations of the Texas open meetings act.

Chapter 318 of the Texas local government code establishes the county commissioner’s authority to create a local county historical commission.  It gives the county commissioners the responsibility of appointing at least seven residents of the county to the historical commission–in January of an odd numbered year.

The very fact that county commissioners appointed new members in February is a violation of the rules.  Don’t look for the county commissioners to remove themselves for their own violation of Texas law.


Few of us believe what the county judge has said.  The members were removed because of their attempt to interfere with the placement of the arena.

She claims that the members were removed because they may have violated the law while at the same time she violates chapter 318.

We deserve better




5 Responses to Unbelieved

  1. Casual Observer says:

    The San Jacinto alligator is a perfect symbol for local government. It’s no wonder they spent so much money to restore it.

    We’ll never be able to drain the El Paso swamp of all the alligators and swamp rats, but consolidating city and county governments would be a good start because it would reduce the number of politicians and bureaucrats. The reduction of duplicative costs would be a nice added bonus.

    We deserve better? If so, we should demand better.


  2. anonymous says:

    Escobar also disregarded the basic legal concepts of due process and innocent until proven guilty. She took her title of judge literally. Imagine having her as your attorney.


    • escobar is not an attorney says:

      The title County “Judge” is a monumental misnomer.

      Escobar is NOT an attorney – she just allows people to presume she is from the title. .


  3. Someone recently questioned why we even have a CCC, especially in light of the fact that apparently most members supposedly represent different parts of the city without being able to say anything about what happens in those parts of the city (or, something like that). I have to agree with the sentiment. Why bother with a CCC when only one member actually seems to represent a part of the County that lies outside the City Limits?

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