Help from a reader

In Crumbling roads we pointed out that the city’s pavement condition index was not working.

Mr. Michael Bray (one of our loyal readers) contacted the appropriate department and got this response:

Mr. Bray, there were some technical difficulties with the address locator part of the web site application.
The application is now functioning properly.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are still having issues accessing the information.
Our thanks to Mr. Bray.
If you want to see how the city has rated a local street, click on this link:
You might be surprised at how good your road is!
The index was based on a 2008 study.  The city could ask their employees to rate the streets as they drive on them and bring the condition index up to date.
We deserve better

8 Responses to Help from a reader

  1. Y Que! says:

    Pot holes? It’s part of the city’s xeriscape beautification, water-saving plan. Soon we will all see robust mesquite bushes growing out of those pot holes.


  2. questionable scores says:

    You really have to wonder about the scoring procedure for streets.

    I checked a street that had been completely reconstructed about 3 years prior to 2008 and it was rated at 69 which is considered fair.

    You would think a street less than 3 years old would score excellent, very good, or at least good.


  3. Anonymous says:

    ‘a 2008 study…’ Damn, a lot has happened to the streets since 2008 and none of it is good.


  4. Disgusted says:

    One of my main streets, which is getting more traffic due to the I-10 project, is rated 58. It should be rated 25-30. They show Mesa’s condition as zero, which is about right in some places these days. Some of the worst, most dangerous potholes over the past year have been on Mesa. I predict a future sinkhole in the low spot in front of the Montecillo development, where they have allowed water to pool for the past few years during development.


  5. This would be laughable, if it were not so typical of this city. Our elected representatives have got their priorities so twisted, and have had them that way for so long, that our streets continued to crumble around us. I am so tired of having to crawl up to the lights at major intersections simply because the joins between concrete and asphalt are so warped and twisted that my car’s suspension takes a serious jolt every time! (Most cross streets with George Dieter are in this sorry condition). Fix the damn Streets!


  6. Bad Government says:

    The road condition information is based on a 9 year old study? Wow, that is great. Now I don’t feel bad for using an old picture of me on those dating sites.


  7. The Oracle says:

    I used the Pavement Condition Index website. . . . It’s not working this morning.
    It shows the map and streets and “Finds” an address. But, no Condition numbers.
    I moved the map around. . . . . and no “Condition” of the other streets either.


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