EPISD–not downtown

Where will the new EPISD central office building/s be?

The Times printed an article suggesting that the old Hotel Dieu site and/or the high rise adjacent to it might be chosen.

The EPISD board publicly stated that they will move downtown to support downtown development.

Neither of the two properties mentioned above qualify.

We deserve better


20 Responses to EPISD–not downtown

  1. Tapped Out EPISD Taxpaying Parent says:

    And those of you who voted for the bond, TOD YOU SO! It was obvious from the moment they handpicked those poor fools in that sham committee, handpicked Gallinar and one of Fenenbock’s Coronado PTA moms to chair the farce, that it was rigged. Gallinar was probably already negotiating his salary and charged with duping all those fools. If that isn’t a stunning lack of ethics, I don’t know what is. All the materials were prepared by Cabreras staff with inflated numbers and no room or time allowed for questions or dissent. It was a sham and probably their only disappointment was that they didn’t get their full BILLION++! Beautifully played!


  2. Tapped Out EPISD Taxpaying Parent says:

    The culture of corruption continues.


  3. Rooked in El Paso says:

    The Dee Margo/Carmen Arrieta/Candelaria legacy. A $29 million BOND THAT DIESNT HAVE TO GO TO THE VOTERS to fund the $28 million renovation of a building that cost $3.2 million but is too small to hold the Central Offices. On top of a $1.2 billion dollar bond. We got rooked by the South Texas Squad.


  4. Anonymous says:

    EPISD Board just posted an agenda for this week’s meeting. Definitely looks like 1100 Stanton will be purchased by EPISD from EPCC for and Education Center relocation. It is in Closed Session for this week’s meeting. Done deal. Super had already negotiated this a year ago. Smoke and mirrors.


    • Casual Observer says:

      If you’re right about this deal being negotiated a year ago, they were just waiting until after the bond was passed to drop this on everyone.


  5. Sad State of Affairs says:

    The current administration doesn’t remember but EPISD Admin did re-locate to downtown YEARS ago and it was a costly disaster – those that do no remember the past are condemned to repeat it! It is all about the money!


  6. First Timer Needs Info says:

    I just found out about this blog and I’m reading everything here. Sorry if I didn’t do this right. I need to know something. I graduated from La Bowie in the 70s and im a bear for life. I want to know why this Bowie principle guy Ortiz was out talking to un exes trash mouthing Warmack and getting the exes all riled up before they moved that guy. He talked to a few of us about how Warmack didn’t have balls and was regandola and that he could do better. Then the pendejo cabrera gets rid of Warmack and pits this Ortiz guy in charge. This Ortiz guy should be fired for doing that. What a cabron to backstab his boss like that and the idiotas of the exes believed him cause hes raza. Wtf? Who can investigate this stuff


    • Brutus says:

      First Timer,

      Welcome to the blog and thank you for your input.

      We do ask that we keep the language and content clean.



    • Anonymous says:

      I am also a Proud Bowie Alumni and very disappointed on what is going on at Bowie from Top to Bottom……..When speaking with the Bowie Graduates of the 50’s and 60’s, they are already telling me that the interim Principal, Mr Ordaz has the job cause Dr Warmack didn’t want the job and didn’t have the you know what to handle the job as Principal at Bowie..Mr Ordaz wants the job cause he can turn the school around but i told the them, wait a minute, what happened with due process…Dr Warmack failed cause he didn’t have the full supports of his staff (AP’S) and he was doomed to failed……..Final word, if Mr Ordaz is chosen Principal over candidates that have been principals in other schools, then the system is broken….EPISD don’t just put a piece of masking tape on Bowie’s Problems…..FIX THEM……


      • My2Cents says:

        Just a minute here, the current principal is an intermediate and trying to keep the school afloat. All schools are appointed an interim when the current principal leaves for whatever reason. Dr. Warmack is an excellent person but didn’t want to be Bowie principal for personal reasons and asked to be removed several times. No one pushed him out. I know this for a fact.


        • Anonymous says:



  7. Anonymous says:

    How about the old ASARCO area? Lots of room for a building and parking! Easy access off of I-10. Close to UTEP.


  8. Reality Checker says:

    Since when is it the mission of EPISD or any other school district to direct spending for the purpose of supporting commercial real estate development?


    • Benevelous says:

      Remember, Reality Checker, The new mission of the current Board of Trustees and the current administration has NOTHING to do with educating kids. Nor, does it have anything to do with looking after their employees (whether brand new or 40 years loyal to a fault, they all just cogs in the machine to be disposed of on a whim).

      The ‘mission’ of these people can be discovered by FOLLOWING THE MONEY. The Board President’s family has interests in the “downtown revitalization”… So… Duh.


      • Anonymous says:

        New Announcement at the EPISD Recent Assignments Page. The EPISD/City of El Paso Connection Grows -Candelaria and Gallinar just hired Margaux Dalbin as the Coordinator Bond Outreach in the Facilities and Construction Department. Her Linked In page says she was an Intern at the Office of Sustainability with Gallinar right out of college in 2014 and then interned with Senator Elliot Shapleight to build the Bowie Garden! Then she was the Community Engagement Coordinator for the United Way. Right into a $75,000 job with the City of El Paso East …uh I mean EPISD two years out of college. It’s not what you know. It’s who you know in EPISD. https://www.linkedin.com/in/margaux-dalbin-18582194


        • Disgusted says:

          If EPISD can afford to pay $75,000 plus all the benefits to a person two years out of college to do a low level PR job, it’s God’s way of telling us that EPISD has entirely too much money. There is no way that role is worth the equivalent of two teachers. If I were the teachers, this is the hire that would be the catalyst for a major protest and maybe even a walkout.


  9. Anon says:

    Gotta support DT. The board president’s family are now major DT investors. They need a healthy guaranteed return on their investment.


  10. Jerry K says:

    As long as they build their own office or rent from the city, the tax money stays in the Commons. More likely it will be another handout to Hunt or Foster or Sanders at taxpayer expense.


  11. The Oracle says:

    Sounds like they want to make a traffic congested area. . . . EVEN MORE congested.
    To Support Downtown also means: By the shear nature of traffic congestion and traffic parking. . . . to issue more tickets downtown, Parking and otherwise, when traffic gets hectic and people drive sometimes wrongly due to the AMOUNT of traffic and panic of getting off work or going somewhere on your lunch break.
    Employees and guests might have to PAY for parking. That means the employees will want a raise to offset the parking.

    Many that work at EPISD have already located/ moved to the East Side to be closer to work. Now, that is wasted if having to drive downtown in the panic of every morning downtown when the courts are in session and the lawyers are operating full blast.

    When the El Paso Natural Gas Company was located downtown, they had to let people off/ out . . . at 15-30 minute segments to lessen the panic and mistakes by drivers in heavy and stalled traffic.


    • Benevelous says:

      Oracle, You are correct. It will create a situation that will most likely be very inconvenient to the employees of the district.

      And, if ANYONE out there thinks for one second that the current leadership and Board of EPISD give a tinker’s damn about the well being, happiness, or even survival of any of their employees, then they are a fool. Period.

      Employees paying for parking? Too bad. Deal with it. No raise.
      Congestion causing people to miss or even skip lunch? Cool.
      You have to drive farther to work? Whatever.

      Their are many factors that go into the decision of where to build or lease a new Ed Center. You can bet the bank that any consideration for the employees will NEVER be even a tiniest part of the equation.


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